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The Library Week

The Library Week is the nationwide promotional campaign organized by the SKIP. Traditionally the Library Week opens with the happening – an informal and amusing meeting prepared by librarians for themselves and for the public.
Program usually consists of masquerade, sketches and competitions. This year the happening took place in the town of Ostrava and the host was Ostrava City Library.
The Library Week itself is always celebrated the week following the happening.
Some nationwide festive events make traditionally part of the Library Week, among them the prices MARK 2011 and the Library of the Year. The MARK 2011 is intended for young librarians and students under 35. This humorously titled price (the specification of the acronym is in English “Young, Attractive and Sensible Librarian” or “Wise, Active and Thriving Librarian”) is awarded seriously for an uncommon benefit for librarianship. This year winner was Helena Selucká from the Jiří Mahen Library in Brno. Among her activities she is a member of the team managing the server Barrier free library, a tool for librarians to understand better the needs of handicapped patrons.

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Travesía – Digital resources for library cooperation

Travesia came into being in 2000 as the Spanish Public Libraries Portal and has since developed into a digital library that supports library cooperation within the Spanish libraries systems.

Objectives of Travesía

  • Publish the necessary regulatory texts for cooperative library projects.
  • Organise, preserve and distribute electronic publications produced or funded by the Subdirectorate General of Library Coordination.
  • Provide unrestricted, open access to complete documents in text and audiovisual formats.

The complete texts of the documents are included, authors rights permitting. Otherwise Travesía gathers all the metadata and links to the document on the publisher’s website.

Travesía has a multi-lingual interface in Spain’s official languages as well as in English.

Communities and collections

Travesía currently has two major blocks of information:

  • Library Standards is a very extensive block which includes the norms, standards, guidelines, recommendations and declarations issued by State regulatory bodies and State and International cooperation bodies in the library area. It has two well-defined collections, one of legislation (European, State and Regional) and a collection of technical standards in use in the library sector.
  • Publications by the Subdirectorate General of Library Coordination with a view to distributing and preserving the publications generated by its coordination activities in the Spanish library sector: monographs, conferences, meetings, standards, etc.

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Culture

Burza práce (Job Exchange)

SKIP websiteSKIP (Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic) started a web page named Burza práce (Job Exchange). This tool is intended for libraries as employers and for unemployed librarians. Analogical opportunities to such an extent are offered by a widespread e-conference Knihovna (Library) and special journals.

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Libraries of Barcelona: 10 more years. New challenges, new opportunities

Libraries of Barcelona: 10 more years. New challenges, new opportunities is not only a revision and updating of the Libraries Plan 1998-2010. Even though a balance is made, in general terms more than positive, of the deployment of the Plan during these years, the fundamental aim is to look at how the library services, professionals and facilities should respond to a new social reality, and to a context with new challenges and opportunities.

This document aims to be more an orientational guide than a new guide. And it has been elaborated with the conviction that it is fundamental to maintain the political commitment so as to be able to continue improving the network of facilities, to widen the services maintaining the quality achieved (a distinctive feature of the Libraries of Barcelona), and to improve these services so that the Libraries continue to be close, open and aware of the new demands of the citizens.

More information:

Mercè Muñoz Creus
Biblioteques de Barcelona, Spain

Digital Reading Project

The Project Digital Reading was launched, this week, in Lisbon, by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. With a budget of € 150.000, the two years project will study the Portuguese realitiy concerning the digital reading. Both the offer by the publishing industry and the demand by the portuguese libraries will be addressed.

The project team, which will be coordinated by the Technical University of Lisbon, also includes the Spanish Foundation “Gérman Sanchéz Ruipérez”.

Margarida Oleiro
Head of Libraries Department
General Directorate for Books and Libraries

Tutorial of Job Searching

The tutorial was created by the Working Group of Information Literacy of the Council of Library Cooperation. This tutorial is a tool of help for training in job searching from the public libraries. It isn’t a definitive solution for this problem but it facilitates required materials to foster these activities in the public libraries in Spain.
The tutorial is formed by six modules:

– To make a curriculum vitae
– Where and How to search a job?
– Selection Process
– Self-Teaching for the job
– Source of information and bibliography
– Evaluation of the tutorial

For more information:

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Culture

OKNA, “About the Library Activities”

Competition OKNA

SKIP (Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic) and its Association of Children Libraries with financial support of Ministry of culture and the company Skanska prepared the new competition in librarians work with children. The organizers hope to make the new tradition.

The competition was named OKNA, an acronym for “About the Library Activities”. In Czech it is a pun as well, a substantive standing for “windows”. Competitors´ task is to demonstrate their programmes intended for children. Little patrons are this time present as partners in performance for adult audience and the jury. This year´s competition with the serial number 0 took place in the town Jičín (, the scene of highly popular original fairy tales by the writer Václav Čtvrtek (1911-1976). The jubilee of this writer was the topic of the competition.

Photos from the competition:

Basic info about the writer Václav Čtvrtek:

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