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The new Spanish Law of Legal Deposit

The new Law of Legal Deposit was approved by the Spanish Parliament in July of 2011

The main topics of this law are:

  • Before, the printer requested the legal deposit number, now with the new law, the publisher is the one who has to request the legal deposit number.
  • The bibliographic, visual, sound, audiovisual and digital heritage will be copyright protected.
  • The legal deposit will protect the works in both tangible and intangible format.
  • The archive of electronic publications on line will be created. When the domain is Spanish, the obligation to ask for deposit number is for the owner of this domain.
  • From now on, the documents must be deposited as a whole, for instance, all issues of a serial publication must be deposited.

 You can find the full text in Spanish in this link:


Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Culture

Library Legislation in Ireland

Please find in http://naple.mcu.es/content/ireland the latest content in Irish public library legislation:

– One of the most relevant chapters in the Local Government Act, 2001 above which covers the public library service, our council and related matters. The act is a consolidated act for the  local government system in Ireland. The only amendments since have been to the representation on the Council and changing nomenclature.

– As for the  Public Lending Remuneration system that is place in Ireland,  please check both the 2007 Copyright and Related Rights Actand the Statutory Instrument SI of 2008 (Public Lending Remuneration Scheme) which commenced the act. Our council is charged with implementing the scheme and I am the Registrar. The roles of the local library authorities and that of our council are delineated therein. We made our first payments to rights holders in 2009.

Here is the link to our national policy document: Branching Out: Future Directions

Norma McDermott
Director of An Chomhairle Leabharlanna- The Library Council

EBooks: the Irish Story, so far…

More information in this link:
EBooks: the Irish Story, so far…

Norma McDermott
Director of An Chomhairle Leabharlanna- The Library Council

News in the Czech Librarianship 2010-2011

Main Features

  • News ways of comunication
  • High quality Internet Resources
  • Users Expectations

The present day challenge, libraries have to face, is the change in communication. People group on the net. Facebook is the place where they seek information We cannot refer to a better quality of information in traditional library sources, because the quality of internet information is improving.

Google better than any library electronic tool meets the user expectation:

  • Get easily accessible information from one place, via distant access → OLD
  • By one click → NEW

User expects to get information ready for use by one click.

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