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Latest news from the Sister Libraries Blog

This week at Sister Libraries, the postcards that the Public Library “Fran Galovic”, Koprivnica (Croatia)  and Valença Municipal Library (Portugal) prepared for the  NAPLE Sister Libraries Day. Also, an interview with Anunciação Gaspar, the Librarian in charge of the Lousada Municipal Library (Portugal).


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Employment Programme for the homeless

Homeless are an often forgotten collective in European societies. The Zagreb City Libraries have developed a successful Library employment programme for them. The programme has taken place at the library but also at a homeless shelter. The success of the initiative (the library has trained 63 homeless people, 15% of all registered homeless people in Zagreb since November 2011) has made other shelters to join the project and has even inspired Zagreb’s Law Faculty to establish a free legal clinic for the homeless. 

This experience was presented at IFLA 2012 Section and Satellite Program meeting held in Tallinn, 10 August 2012 and an article on it can be found at Library Review.

Library on wheels

Another example of good practices, this time in libraries serving rural areas: a “library on wheels” offers, along with library materials, individual guidance to apply for grants and training to use ICT. The library also developed the web-portal “Agrokorner”, with links to information about subsidies, support agencies and articles about farming methods.

The Regional public and university library “Goce Delcev”, in Macedonia, is the responsible for this programme, that has led to a 20% increase in the number of farmers applying for agricultural production grants in 2012 in the municipalities of Stip and Karbinci in Eastern Macedonia.

Here you can read an article presented at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2013.

Latest news from the Sister Libraries Blog

This week Sister Libraries Blog has been dedicated to the NAPLE Sister Libraries Day, an annual celebration set on 13th September. You will find the postcards of the Lousada Municipal Library in Portugal, the City Library “Slavko Kolar”  and the Public Library “Antonio Rendic Ivanovic”, both in Croatia, the Ptuj Public Library in Slovenia and the Huesca Municipal Libraries, from Spain.

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Belgrade City Library’s programme on financial literacy

Public Libraries hold a key position in the communities they serve and one of their challenges is the design of programmes that meet the needs of the citizens. Belgrade City Library is a good example of this: in these days of global crisis, they have launched a financial literacy training programme called The Novcici (‘Coins’) through a largely visited website (almost 100 visits per day in 2011/12): in the two years that has been active, 3.500 high school students attended financial literacy workshops and, in 2012, won an EIFL-PLIP Innovation Award for contribution to economic wellbeing of the community.

You can read a more complete article about this programme here.

EIFL-PLIP Innovation Award 6

 The EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme has launched their sixth Award, dedicated to creative use of information and communication technology (ICT) in public libraries. The deadline for submitting applications is October 30, 2013.

Click here for further details, and how to apply.

Latest news from the Sister Libraries Blog

Today it’s NAPLE Sister Libraries Day, so this week four libraries have sent the postcards they’ve designed for the occasion: the Spanish Sant Joan de Vilatorrada Library “Cal Gallifa” and Ermua Municipal Library, the Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie in Poland and the Croatian Public Library “Viktor Car Emin”. Another Croatian library, City Library Ilok, shows us their most recent activities. 

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ReadersFirst Initiative

Two weeks ago we presented The Right to e-Read project. Today, another initiative relating to e-books in libraries: the ReadersFirst movement tackles the problem of quality control for e-content distributors, describing some principles and translating them into specifications that will ensure best service.

The ReadersFirst Coalition is a network of over 285 library systems serving 198 millions of readers from the United States mainly, though it’s an international project: in Europe, they have already two members: the French Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication and Stockholm Public Library.

Library of Birmingham’s Inauguration campaign

The new Library of Birmingham has opened its gates, becoming the largest public library in Europe. An ambitious campaign including an opening speech from Malala Yousafzai and media coverage in TV channels and newspapers has been displayed. They have also programmed a “Discovery Season in the Library of Birmingham”, with a series of activities to show the new building and the collection and resources.

Latest news from the Sister Libraries Blog

This week at Sister Libraries, three postcards designed for the NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Celebration next 13 September by the Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” and the Daruvar Public Library, both in Croatia, and the Povilas Višinskis Šiauliai County Public Library (Lithuania), a blog created for the project “LIBRARY. I LOVE IT!” from the Polish Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie and some pictures from the Huesca Municipal Libraries, new member of Sister Libraries.

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