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The Jiří Mahen Library

The Jiří Mahen Library (Municipal Library) in Brno, South Moravia, was nominated for the price MOSTY (Bridges) for the year 2011.

This prise was created by the Czech National Disability Council to appraise an uncommon achievement in favour of disabled people. The Library was nominated for the barrier free access to library services for people with different levels and sorts of handicaps.

As an example we can mention the Blind and Weak-eyed Library, a division of the Jiří Mahen Library. It was founded in the year 1976 on the basis of an agreement between the Macan Library for Blind in Prague and the Jiří Mahen Library. The interior of the library was interconnected with the interior of the Music library after the reconstruction in the year 2011.

Another example is the grant project Hand in Hand aimed at the integration of children with various disabilities.

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Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Lithuanian Public Libraries: Digitisation of Cultural Heritage & Elibrary

Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania is in charge for 4 public funded projects in this area:

Project “Development of Lithuanian integrated library information system LIBIS”, provides access to national union OPAC (www.libis.lt) and individual libraries catalogues, allows users to reserve books and use common user card in whole network of public and other participating libraries in Lithuania Project “Development of Virtual Electronic Heritage System” involves libraries, museums, archives and is aimed digitising out of copyright materials to be presented on common national portal http://www.epaveldas.lt Selected materials appears on Europeana portal. In the second phase of the project about 3 mln. pages of publications, 17 thousand museum objects and 130 thousand digitised vinyls will be added to the Digital library.

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The Estonian Library for the Blind

The Estonian Library for the Blind dates back to 1947 and in the course of time its status and names have varied. In 2004 it became the branch of the Repository Library of Estonia and since June 2010, after having moved to the building of the Repository Library of Estonia, it has become one of the three departments of the Repository Library which is administered and funded by the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Until June 2010 the Estonian Library for the Blind rented rooms from the North Estonian Association of the Blind in the house the maintenance of which was far beyond the capabilities of the organization. The move to the newly renovated and furnished space in the building of the Repository Library has significantly improved providing library services for the visually impaired people, storing conditions and the working environment for the staff.

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