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Finland: Towards the E-future

Here comes one more presentation from the last NAPLE Assembly. In this case, Towards the E-future, by Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen, from Finland.

The Danish Digital Library

Today  we are posting another presentation from our last  NAPLE Assembly in Copenhagen. It is The Danish Digital Library, by Jakob Heide Petersen, from Denmark.

EBLIDA – NAPLE Conference

Last 11th May 2012 in Copenhagen EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference took place with the theme “Democracy Development in a New Media Environment” a conference on the role on libraries in Europe and their current e-challenges.

Now the links are ready to see photos, videos plus the final version of the EBLIDA position paper about European libraries and the challenges of e-publishing and E-publishing and the challenge for libraries.

Digitization / E-book in Czech Republic

Today Eva Bartunkova’s presentation in NAPLE Assembly is available to read clicking here. It shows the range of digitization and e-books in Czech Republic currently.

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

Last week on the Sister Libraries Blog a post from Maria João Guerreiro from Direçao Geral do Livro e das Bibliotecas was published. It tells about one of the activities the sister libraries Lousada Municipal Library from Portugal and Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester” from Spain have carried out on 4th and 5th of May.

Librarians from Lousada Municipal Library paid a visit to Torrente Ballester Library, and a poster and a text written by Rute Cunha, of Lousada Library, regarding this experience was created for the occasion. If you want see and read them, clik here.

Flemish E-book Platform

Today another presentation of NAPLE Assembly is available on the blog. Maarten Vandekerckhove from Belgium is the author and its title is “Flemish E-book Platform“.

NAPLE Annual Assembly

Last 9th and 10th May the NAPLE Annual Assembly took place in Copenhagen. This year the meeting theme was “Public Libraries in transition” and the 10 years of NAPLE were celebrated.

Thursday two round tables took place, the first about the “Use of public libraries, structure, organisation” and the second about “Digital library services and e-books”. The presentations of NAPLE members who participated in them will be published on the blog. Today,  Jan Braeckman’s presentation, Director of Bibnet vzw from Belgium, is available clicking here.

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

Last week on Sister Libraries Blog, Romana Horvat, Director of Public Library in Daruvar, Croatia, published a post explaining the first joint project developed with Municipal Library Český Těšín, its Sister Library from Czech Republic.

The project title was ‘Night with Andersen“, if you want to know more about it click here.

“Sweet reading”

This news comes from a little village of Klučov (Central Bohemia, district Kolín). The library was founded in the year 1920 and the writer Alois Jirásek (historical novels and plays, a classic) permitted to give the library his name. Jirásek Library in Klučov announced an interesting programme for children. The library in cooperation with a kindergarten and with a support of the local council prepared “Sweet Reading”, an afternoon with reading activities. Children listened fairy tales, narrated tales according to pictures and contested. The home-made cheesecake was a sweet bonus. The recipe was also made public.


Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

Last week on Sister Libraries Blog we had very important news; it has been reached the amount of 20 sisterships in the Sister Libraries Programme!! The Aveiro Municipal Library from Portugal and the Regional Public Library in Krakow from Poland are the libraries with this honor.

We are happy of beginning this week with this good news. To read more about the first steps of these new sister libraries and about other activities Aveiro Municipal Library is carrying out, clik here.