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IFLA e-Lending Background Paper

IFLA has published a very interesting paper drawing an updated state of worldwide library e-Book lending. You’ll find useful information about the different e-Book licence and purchase models in libraries worldwide, library advocacy initiatives such us the EBLIDA Right to e-Read Campaign or the ReadersFirst Initiative and so on.

 You can read and download  the full text through this link

e-Book lending project in Central Bohemia

The Central Bohemian Research Library in Kladno (public library, regional library for Central Bohemia) launched a project of e-book lending. The project was prepared in cooperation with the portal eReading.cz. The service is connected with the catalogue of e-reading.cz and borrowing is free for registered users of the library. They also have to be registered by eReading.cz. The number of borrowed books is limited on 2 titles, one book can be lent to more patrons simultaneously. E-books can be read on eReading.cz START 2/3 and applications for smart phones and tablets with operation system and system Android.

You can find here the press release (in czech)



ALIA’s Elending Landscape Report 2014

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has published a “worldwide e-lending landscape report”, commissioned by Brussels-based Civic Agenda. Their goal, to identify “public library-led initiatives to secure e-books for borrowers”.

The report was published last 14th April and can be found through this link.

E-lending project in Flemish libraries

Thanks to the collaboration between Bibnet and the Flemish Government, Flemish public libraries will start a pilot e-lending project called E-boeken in de Bib next April 2014: library users will have easy access to a small but quality catalogue of books written in Flemish and readable also through apps. 

E-Lending for Libraries

Ever since the launch of e-books IFLA has worked on the e-Lending. The e-Lending Working Group, was created and tasked by the IFLA Governing Board with “developing a set of principles that could guide library professionals as they grapple with the complicated process of negotiating eBook licenses with publishers and resellers”. In 2012 they publish the “Background Paper on e-Lending” and now they have just created a web page aimed to gather resources and expand the amount of information available.

You can visit the web at this link