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NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (X)

Today, you can read the Croatian presentation at NAPLE Assembly: among other information, you can read about the Croatian Library Council and its Strategy2013 – 2020.

Croatia. NAPLE 2014

LIDA 2014

Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA), a biennial international conference, will be celebrated next 16 – 20 June 2014 at Zadar, Croatia. It focuses on the transformation of libraries and information services in the digital environment.

 Call for papers is now open, until 15 January 2014.

 Check all the details at their web page:

Employment Programme for the homeless

Homeless are an often forgotten collective in European societies. The Zagreb City Libraries have developed a successful Library employment programme for them. The programme has taken place at the library but also at a homeless shelter. The success of the initiative (the library has trained 63 homeless people, 15% of all registered homeless people in Zagreb since November 2011) has made other shelters to join the project and has even inspired Zagreb’s Law Faculty to establish a free legal clinic for the homeless. 

This experience was presented at IFLA 2012 Section and Satellite Program meeting held in Tallinn, 10 August 2012 and an article on it can be found at Library Review.

Regional cooperation: challenge and opportunity

Cooperation is a keystone in libraries, so there’s many projects dedicated to this aspect of the library work.

The project “Regional cooperation: challenge and opportunity” is the result of an IFLA Management of Library Associations section workshop held in Split, Croatia in 2011 that showed the importance of regional cooperation in South East Europe.

The project also trained 12 trainers in leadership and advocacy, who will be able to operate as library advocates on both national and regional level.

The project utilised materials from IFLA’s Building Strong Library Associations programme (BSLA), demonstrating the flexibility of the programme in supporting a range of project sizes and needs. The project was supported by IFLA’s Action for Development through Libraries programme (IFLA ALP).

For further information, click here

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

This week at the NAPLE Sister Libraries site you can read some news on the October activities of the Sister Libraries Krapina Public Library (Croatia) and Tielt-Winge Library (Belgium).

Click here for the text and pictures.

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

We have reached 24 sisterships!! Congratulations to all the libraries participating in the programme. This time the sister libraries are the Korčula City Library  from Croatia and the Kaunas County Public Library  from Lithuania and both have established sistershipd with our most active library in the programme, the Municipal Public Library of Piekary Slaskie  in Poland. We also have news from this library and its 7 sisters!

There is also a new library from Lithuania participating in the programme, the Povilas Višinskis Šiauliai County Public Library. With this new incorportation, the programme now has 62 European public libraries participating.

We have also added some news on our presence in the last IFLA Conference in Helsinki, and a brochure you can use to encourage libraries to participate in the programme. Do not miss it!

NAPLE Sister Libraries

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

Last week on Sister Libraries Blog, Danijela and Kristian from Public Library Fran Galovic in Koprivnica from Croatia sent a post telling us the last activities and projects they are developing with their sister library Sastamala Public Library from Finland.

They are swaping ideas about different projects as the new building for Fran Galovic library and the programme of Sastamala of cooperation with local high school students. Furthermore, they are preparing an on-line quiz for upper grade primary scool students in Koprivnica called “Learn more about Finland…” and, finally, they told us the prospect that their directors meet in the IFLA Annual Conference in Helsinki.

If you want to know more details about these entire interesting projects read the full post in Sister Libraries Blog.

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

Last week on Sister Libraries Blog, Romana Horvat, Director of Public Library in Daruvar, Croatia, published a post explaining the first joint project developed with Municipal Library Český Těšín, its Sister Library from Czech Republic.

The project title was ‘Night with Andersen“, if you want to know more about it click here.

Summary of news on the Sister Library Programme

Last week in Sister Libraries Blog, Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel, Director Municipal Public Library in Piekary Śląskie, has sent us a post about the art competition for children to which she has invited their 5 sister libraries to participate in .

On the other hand, we had a new pair of sister libraries! Public Library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica from Croatia and Sastamala Public Library from Finland have decided to accomplish a sister partnership.

You can read more about these news on the blog.

Summary of news on the Sister Library Programme

Last week in Sister Libraries Blog there were important novelties! First of all, Valença Municipal Library from Portugal and Kuusamo City Library from Finland have decided to accomplish a sister relationship.

Furthermore, there is a new participating library in the Programme: Municipal Library Český Těšín from Czech Republic. And it has already found a sister library in Daruvar Public Library from Croatia. You can check all the sisterships made so far here.