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NAPLE Assembly Minutes 2011

Dear friends,

You can find the Minutes of NAPLE Assembly of Sevilla in this link:

NAPLE Secretariat

Rolex Learning Center

Rolex Learning Center. The Rolex Learning Center is not a “public library” in our sense, the philosophy behind (in the video clip – statements by the architects) could be a model for all kind of an “open”, multifunctional, modern library (transferable also on smaller public libraries).

The press releases for the inauguration last year you’ll find, also in english and spanish, under: http://www.rolexlearningcenter.ch/downloads

And finally a lot of pictures under the following link:
Pictures of Rolex Learning Center

Remarks:  here comes the link to the Swiss electronic library ( with actually about 20 sub-projects, some of them also with interest/utility for the public libraries and there users). http://www.e-lib.ch/

Peter Wille
Director of Bibliomedia Schweitz

Estonian Public Libraries

557 public libraries, ca150 inplaces where library does not have to be. According to the Public Library Act public library has to be in places where lives at least 500 inhabitants. In such places library usually is the only public institution and local authorities keep them because lot of public services can get in the library. Free Internet for public use is very much needed in smaller places.  

Last three years has been very difficult economic situation in Estonia, but it has been very interesting time too. For libraries there were many challenges, for examples how to organize the everyday work of libraries in view of significant budget cuts both – from the state and local government side. But only 2 part-time working libraries were closed this time. From 2009 library use is growing again. We are especially glad to witness that children and young people have come to visit libraries more in last couple of years. 2010 we celebrated the year of reading and lot of library events helped to get library more needed and attractive.  We even built some new libraries during these hard years. The most beautiful is of course the Tallinn  University of Technology Library. And several new buildings for public libraries in a bigger villages.

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Lithuanian Public Libraries: Library Statistics and Related Issues

Martynas Mažvydas National library of Lithuania collects library statistics, which is in accordance with the ISO standard 2789: Information and Documentation – International Library statistics. Since 2007 annual statistical reports can be submitted and accessed through automated system LIBIS. Summarised library statistics in English is available at
Summarised library statistics

The need for library statistics review is recognized by library community and the Ministry of Culture. Although library annual reports provide extensive data, only the selected ‘main’ indicators are reflected through official statistics portal.  This does not provide the whole picture of public libraries’ multifunctional activities and programs. Library statistics shall also be tuned with the new statistical frameworks for culture developed by UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the one used by Eurostat.

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