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Latest news from the Sister Libraries Blog

This week at Sister Libraries, take a look at the project ”Programming of Curiosity” from  Piekary Slaskie Municipal Library, supported by the EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP). 

Visit the Sister Libraries’ blog for further information.

NAPLE E-Book Working Group Meeting 2014. Presentations (I)

Today, you can read an overview of the e-Book lending model at The Netherlands presented by Sander van Kempen, from where you’ll find the first results of the project.

 You can also read here the press release from January, when they launched the project.

The Netherlands e-Book Lending Model

NAPLE Assembly and e-Book Working Group Meeting 2014

Last May 13, 11th NAPLE Assembly was held. The day before, the NAPLE E-Book Working Group had a meeting where the e-book policies in European libraries were studied.

In the NAPLE E-Book Working Group meeting, some of the countries participating presented updates of their countries’ projects, Dan Mount (from Civic Agenda) introduced a research on e-book solutions for public libraries (a proposal from The Netherlands and Flanders towards the NAPLE E-book Working Group) and Marko Hercog, from Slovenia, proposed the creation of the re-BOOK platform, aiming to connect European library e-book lending projects.

 At the NAPLE Assembly and among other things, we held a fruitful discussion (conducted by Annette Kelly) on the strategic issues in public library policies throughout Europe. Maarten Vandekerckhove, coordinator of the Library Figures Collection Working Group presented the pilot project for the gathering of library statistics through an online survey on Google Drive and Ilona Kish, from the Reading and Writing Foundation, gave a presentation on the work of this Foundation and explored the possibilities of a future collaboration with NAPLE.

 In the next weeks, we’ll post every presentation of both meetings. You can find the Agendas for the two days, along with the Minutes from the NAPLE Assembly and all the presentations for both sessions in the NAPLE web, in the “Meetings” tab:

Community Managed Libraries

Cutbacks in public spending in recent years have brought back the debate of the Community Managed Libraries, delivered by volunteers rather than paid staff. Though “widely considered in the literature to be bad practice”, arguments have been made on both sides.

Mike Cavanagh, Head of Cultural Services at Pembrokeshire County Council, has carried out a study between 2012 and 2014 exploring “the effectiveness of community managed libraries in England”.

 You can find a Summary Report of this study here:

Are Community Managed Libraries Effective?

The Economic and Social Value of Libraries

FESABID, the Spain’s Federation of Archive, Library, Documentation and Museum Science Associations has published the translation into English of their interesting study about the impact that information services, and in particular libraries, have on the economy and society. What’s the value of libraries to users and non-users? And the return on investment? Find the answer to these questions and more in this study:

 The Economic and Social Value of Information Services. Libraries

Library, I love it

Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaski (Poland) started an interesting project of cooperation among public libraries in Europe. Eight public libraries from Austria, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic and Turkey participate in the project “Library, I love it”.

Funded with support of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Program, the project aims to “expose the role of contemporary libraries in the life of local European communities as vital centers of lifelong learning”.

 If you want to learn more about of this project and the activities proposed, you can visit their web page:

The Planet Reading

Pancevo City Library (in Serbia), under the auspices of the Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information and the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia has published a freely downloadable book on libraries, edited by Ivana Jovanovic Arsic: “The Planet Reading: Handbook on reader engagement in libraries”. Written after a “research of the types of interaction between European libraries and their users” the book combines case studies (among these you’ll find jail libraries, Artwork libraries, etc.) with topics such as the role of libraries as leaders of social development of the community, or the reader-oriented library.

 You can find the book through this link