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Two weeks for the Europeana Conference/ VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas

See you all soon in Burgos, Spain!!

Just two weeks for the start of the conference, don’t forget to register here

We will have the chance to listen to the interesting reflections of Professor Arsuaga. Next, we will start the sessions with a necessary debate on the future of public libraries in the 21st century with Roger E. Levien and Javier Celaya.

 We would like you to actively participate in this debate, that will open this new edition of the Public Libraries National Conference of Spain, this time organised as a Joint Event with Europeana. It will have an important presence of Spanish and international professionals as Kristiina Hormia, from the National Library of Finland on the Finnish Digital Library ; Rob Davies, Ad Pollé and Jon Purday, who will be speaking of different Europeana projectsJeffrey A. Rubin on Louisiana Digital Library and Martin Palmer on e-books in public libraries.

 Three round tables will include a wide range of topics to debate. This debate will be encouraged by leading professionals and also by you, through your collaboration in social networks.

 The impact of the digital environment in library services. Moderated by Nieves González

  Libraries andtheir communitiesin the digital era.  Moderated by Fernando Juárez

 Cooperation with Archives, Museums,Audiovisual Institutions and otherOrganisations inDigital Projects.Moderated by Javier Álvarez

 And also:

Communications and videos that we expect to be of interest to everyone

 We will also have the opportunity to know the city, with visits to   

Museum of Human Evolution, the new State Public Library in Burgos, the Network of Municipal Libraries of Burgos, the University of Burgos Library, the Cathedral, the Cartuja de Miraflores and the Monasterio de las Huelgas , among others.

 Please visit our website, which includes all this information and the programme at: http://en.www.mcu.es/bibliotecas/MC/2012/CongresoBP/index.html

 Follow us on Twitter at @VICNBP. The hashtag for the Conference is #VICNBP


VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas / Europeana Conference
Secretaría Técnica del Congreso
Subdirección General de Coordinación Bibliotecaria
Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Plaza del Rey 1, planta 0
28071 MADRID 


Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

Last week on Sister Libraries Blog, Danijela and Kristian from Public Library Fran Galovic in Koprivnica from Croatia sent a post telling us the last activities and projects they are developing with their sister library Sastamala Public Library from Finland.

They are swaping ideas about different projects as the new building for Fran Galovic library and the programme of Sastamala of cooperation with local high school students. Furthermore, they are preparing an on-line quiz for upper grade primary scool students in Koprivnica called “Learn more about Finland…” and, finally, they told us the prospect that their directors meet in the IFLA Annual Conference in Helsinki.

If you want to know more details about these entire interesting projects read the full post in Sister Libraries Blog.

New award for innovative library health services

EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) is inviting applications for a new award that recognizes the valuable impact of public library health services.

The invitation, by the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP), is open to all public and community libraries in developing and transition countries. The prize is US$1,500 and the opportunity to showcase your service at an international conference or gathering. You can apply in English, Russian, French or Spanish.

With less than a month to go, the deadline – July 31 – is tight.

Libraries everywhere are providing valuable health services, using cutting-edge information and communication technology (ICT). For example, in northern Ghana, a public library uses mobile phones to send vital maternal health care information to pregnant women; in Kyrgyzstan, a public library is leading a campaign to combat TB; in Armenia, patients are asking their doctors questions through their library’s interactive website; in Kenya, health workers and patients have free access to the internet through their library’s e-health corners. EIFL-PLIP wants to make stories like these known, so that innovative libraries whose services improve lives win recognition and support.

If your library is using ICT to improve community health, then this award is for you. To enter, all you have to do is tell EIFL-PLIP your story and show the impact of your service.

For further information and details of how to apply, visit www.eifl.net

Source: ElFL-PLIP
Author: Jean Fairbarn, EIFL-PLIP Communications

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

Last week on the Sister Libraries Blog a post from Maria João Guerreiro from Direçao Geral do Livro e das Bibliotecas was published. It tells about one of the activities the sister libraries Lousada Municipal Library from Portugal and Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester” from Spain have carried out on 4th and 5th of May.

Librarians from Lousada Municipal Library paid a visit to Torrente Ballester Library, and a poster and a text written by Rute Cunha, of Lousada Library, regarding this experience was created for the occasion. If you want see and read them, clik here.

6th National Congress of Public Libraries

It is a pleasure to announce that the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, through its Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination, will be celebrating its 6th National Congress of Public Libraries in Burgos, Spain, next 9, 10 and 11 October 2012, under the theme: Public Libraries: individual memory, global heritage.

This will also be an Europeana event, which will include speakers from Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. The Congress is also organised in collaboration with the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León and the Municipality of Burgos.

The sessions will be related to the following themes:

The impact of the digital in library services:

  • Online services.
  • Changes in the model of loans.
  • Changes in the model of information search.
  • Changes in the collection management: e-books and other digital resources.
  • Copyright and digital contents –creation, access and dissemination-.

 Libraries and their communities in the digital era:

  • People’s engagement/involvement.
  • Virtual space vs. Physical space.
  • Library services for different population groups and professional sectors.
  • The value of libraries to impulse social inclusion and local economical development.
  • The participation of the people in the creation of digital content, and the role of libraries as drivers of these projects to give them global reach.
  • The contribution of the people to the enrichment of digital contents: social tagging, social networks, etc.
  • The library as content aggregator.
  • Libraries and their support to the interest in local and family history and cultural tourism.
  • Reusing the library contents as an essential value of libraries.

Cooperation with archives, museums, audiovisual institutions and other organisations in digital projects

  •  Preservation of contents from the local sphere in the digital sphere, preservation of the oral tradition, intangible heritage, etc.
  • Preservation of current contents to access them in the future.
  • Creation of digital contents in different media: audio, text, image, 3-dimensional objects, etc.
  • Initiatives of libraries for the digital dissemination and preservation of the cultural movements of its municipality.
  • Projects that give a common access to library, archives, museum and audiovisual resources.

The opening of the registration period will be announced soon.

More information can be found -currently only in Spanish-here:

Updates will follow.

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

The Nordic Library Conference 2012

For this post we are collecting the information from The Nordic Library Conference web page. This year the Conference takes place in Oslo, Norway on the 14th & the 15th of May, hosted by The National Library of Norway. The theme is “Culture, Inclusion and Participation”.

Participants from the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe are invited to Oslo for two days of inspiration, best practice and networking.

The Conference is an initiative from the Nordic Best Practice network. The purpose of the network is to promote new projects and partnerships within the field of multicultural library services.

The Conference is within the framework of Norway’s chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2012, and also a continuation of the Future Library, which was held in Finland in October 2011 (under the Finnish chairmanship).

To get more information about registration process, program, speakers and call for papers consult  its web page.

The Library Day in the Life Project

The Library Day in the Life Project is a semi-annual event coordinated by Bobbi Newman. She is also a coordinator of a newly launched project This is What a Librarian Looks Like. Twice a year librarians, library staff and also LIS student from all over the globe are invited to share a day (or week) in the library. January 30th through February 5th 2012 more than 360 librarians from the United States of America, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Serbia, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Israel, Mongolia, Singapore and New Zealand participated in the Round 8.

Also 30 Latvian librarians and LIS students participated in this project. They represented twenty public, one academic, one school and one institutional library. Three social media were used to describe their day in the library –Twitter, Blogger and social network Draugiem.lv (‘For Friends’).

Dace Udre
New Professionals Section
Library Association of Latvia

Cycling for Libraries

We reproduce this message sent to IFLA-L list:

“Dearest all,

I’m delighted to announce the dates for the next Cycling for libraries  – unconference: we will start from beautiful Vilnius, Lithuania on 28th of July, and arrive in exciting Tallinn, Estonia on 7th of August, 2012.

This unique bicycling unconference will lead our mobile thinktank of 100 international librarians and librarylovers through Riga and Tartu, via two magnificient national parks, and many fascinating library-destinations. We would like to have you with us, so mark your calendars. The registration opens in early Spring. And please spread the word.


This radical event is PowerPoint-free. Instead, the concept is built on meaningful and personal encounters with colleagues, workshopping, challenging debates, library visits, innovative programme, contemplation in movement, fresh outdoors and memories that last a lifetime. And bicycling, of course. 600 kilometers of it.

We are organizing Cycling for libraries as an independent, loose and informal network of enthusiast. Last year we bicycled from Copenhagen to Berlin with a group of 80 participants from a dozen countries, and if you haven’t heard about it already (helloes to all of you who have!), you can see some of the stories by watching our half-an-hour documentary movie, our 3 minute daily videos from the event, thousands of photos, and a wide variety of professional and popular media and reports from people who participated. Just google for “cycling for libraries”, find us on Facebook and Twitter (#cyc4lib), or simply ask me.

If you are coming to IFLA 2012 in Helsinki 11th-17th August (and don’t miss IFLAcamp), this is how to arrive in style!


Master pathfinders Mace Ojala from Turku City Library, and Jukka Pennanen from National Library of Finland

Travesía – Digital resources for library cooperation

Travesia came into being in 2000 as the Spanish Public Libraries Portal and has since developed into a digital library that supports library cooperation within the Spanish libraries systems.

Objectives of Travesía

  • Publish the necessary regulatory texts for cooperative library projects.
  • Organise, preserve and distribute electronic publications produced or funded by the Subdirectorate General of Library Coordination.
  • Provide unrestricted, open access to complete documents in text and audiovisual formats.

The complete texts of the documents are included, authors rights permitting. Otherwise Travesía gathers all the metadata and links to the document on the publisher’s website.

Travesía has a multi-lingual interface in Spain’s official languages as well as in English.

Communities and collections

Travesía currently has two major blocks of information:

  • Library Standards is a very extensive block which includes the norms, standards, guidelines, recommendations and declarations issued by State regulatory bodies and State and International cooperation bodies in the library area. It has two well-defined collections, one of legislation (European, State and Regional) and a collection of technical standards in use in the library sector.
  • Publications by the Subdirectorate General of Library Coordination with a view to distributing and preserving the publications generated by its coordination activities in the Spanish library sector: monographs, conferences, meetings, standards, etc.

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Culture

Burza práce (Job Exchange)

SKIP websiteSKIP (Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic) started a web page named Burza práce (Job Exchange). This tool is intended for libraries as employers and for unemployed librarians. Analogical opportunities to such an extent are offered by a widespread e-conference Knihovna (Library) and special journals.
(Source: http://www.skipcr.cz/clenstvi/vyhody-pro-cleny/burza-prace-skip)

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic