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Three-way partnership involving public libraries in Spain

 The 5th Conference on Library and Municipality took place last 1st October. This year’s edition was dedicated to the presentation of good practises on collaboration of public and school libraries.

 This Conference aims to highlight and promote the establishment of agreements between public libraries and political authorities on a local basis; this year, the experiences presented involved yet a third party, school libraries. These projects involving three key institutions (political authorities, schools and libraries) have revealed quite fruitful in relation with the costs of implementation, showing that transversal cooperation is one of the ways of tackling the budget cuts our libraries are suffering throughout Europe.

 You can check the experiences and presentations at http://www.mecd.gob.es/v-encuentro-bibliotecas-municipio/presentacion.html (in Spanish)

EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference, 2013

EBLIDA and NAPLE will celebrate again a joint conference this year. It will be held in Milan on 15th May under the title “Ready? Read ‘e’. E-services in Libraries, from European thinking to local Actions”, in cooperation with the Italian Library Association AIB (Associazione Italiana Biblioteche) and the Municipality of Milan.

Like past editions, NAPLE will hold its General Assembly for its members one day before, 14th May.

Find out more at this website


Regional cooperation: challenge and opportunity

Cooperation is a keystone in libraries, so there’s many projects dedicated to this aspect of the library work.

The project “Regional cooperation: challenge and opportunity” is the result of an IFLA Management of Library Associations section workshop held in Split, Croatia in 2011 that showed the importance of regional cooperation in South East Europe.

The project also trained 12 trainers in leadership and advocacy, who will be able to operate as library advocates on both national and regional level.

The project utilised materials from IFLA’s Building Strong Library Associations programme (BSLA), demonstrating the flexibility of the programme in supporting a range of project sizes and needs. The project was supported by IFLA’s Action for Development through Libraries programme (IFLA ALP).

For further information, click here

Spanish Council for Library Cooperation. Strategic Plan 2013-2015

Last 14th February, the Council for Library Cooperation approved their 1st Strategic Plan defining the three strategic lines and nine general objectives to be developed from 2013 to 2015.

The Plan has been prepared by all the members working in the different areas of the Council and other library experts following a participative methodology aimed to gather all the information needed.

The Plan has also achieved the goal of evaluating the five first years of the Council, where for the first time every library typology is being represented (national, public, university, school and special libraries) in the same forum for sharing projects and disseminating their activities. Every document fruit of the work of these Council bodies is available at the Council’s web page. Some examples are the “Reference Frame of School Libraries”, “Report of Background of Spanish University Libraries in 2010”, “Guidelines for Cataloguing of Written Music”, “Towards Information Literacy in the Spanish Public Libraries”, “Best Practises in Multicultural Libraries”, “Social Web and Libraries”, “Professional Profiles at the Spanish Library System”, etc.

Click here and check the Strategic Plan of the Spanish Council of Library Cooperation [in Spanish]

STRATEGIC LINE 1: Promoting and Development of Libraries in Society


 1.1. Enhancing the perception of libraries’ usefulness in the society.

1.2 Promoting attractive services which will have social impact.

1.3  Making  users participate in training, so they can be more proactive.


1. Study on economic impact of libraries in society.

 STRATEGIC LINE 2: Sustainability of Library Services in the New Informational and Social Environment


 2.1. Promoting  prospective studies  about the libraries in the new economic, social and digital environment.

2.2.  Promoting the cooperation and partnership between libraries and other social agents for the optimization of resources.

2.3 Facilitate the development and access of digital services and digital preservation.

2.4  Promoting the evolution of competences of the library professionals with training adapted to the different profiles.


 2. Prospective study of the library in the new informational and social environment.

3. Opening of a dialog between the relevant sectors for defining a sustainable model of E-books lending in libraries.

 STRATEGIC LINE 3: Evolution of the Operation of the Council


 3.1. Adapting the role and operation of the bodies of the Council to the new challenges.

3.2. Enhancing the monitoring, evaluation and communication of the Council for Library Cooperation (CCB) and its activities.


 4. Development of a report of a CCB Operating Manual

5. CCB Communication Plan, both internal and external

“Cycling for libraries”, making plans for the summer

Mace Ojala sends us this wonderful plan for the summer:

We are organizing a pretty unique “unconference” for all librarians and
librarylovers. It’s called Cycling for libraries and some of you might
have heard about it. Next summer we will ride from Amsterdam to
Brussels, and we would like to invite you all to join along!

In 2011 we rode 650km from Copenhagen to Berlin, and 2012 also 650km
from Vilnius to Tallinn. This year we are doing about 400km and visit
Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, Gent and The European Parliament in
Brussels. And each and every one of the the places in between 🙂

The idea of this professional event is to get out of our usual habitat
in the libraries, offices and from auditoriums watching powerpoints all
day long. Instead we are boldly looking for more engaging, productive,
innovative, co-operative and humane ways to meet up with our colleagues.
And more fun too. The group of 100, international librarians from two
dozen countries on their bicycles is quite a thrill!

Next summer’s Cycling for libraries unconference will start on 18th and
finish on 26th of June 2013. Learn more at
http://www.cyclingforlibraries.org (or ask me/us), and we’re on Twitter
with hashtag #cyc4lib, on Facebook and thousands of photos Flickr at
http://www.flickr.com/groups/cyc4lib/pool/. Or you can just google for it.

Welcome all!! 🙂

On behalf of the organizers,

Mace Ojala, leading pathfinder of Cycling for libraries 😉

Supportive library: the Biblioteca Quitapesares project

The Murcia Regional Library @brmu has launched a food collection campaign along with two organizations: Cáritas and the Red Cross. In this cooperation project, the library will dismiss the fine for the delays in bringing back materials of the library if the user has provided food to the food banks of these organizations

The campaign is called Biblioteca Quitapesares, something like “sorrows-remover Library” and it’s motto is: We remove your sorrows and you remove others’s

It’s being a successful initiative: not only libraries of the Murcia Library Network have joined in, but libraries in other regions like Jaén, Galicia and Valencia.

You can check all the details at their blog.

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

NAPLE Sister Libraries will be present at the next IFLA Conference in Helsinki with a poster.

More information here.

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Programme

Last week in the NAPLE Sister Libraries Blog we had the announcement of a new sistership in the Programme, this time between Public Library in Aleksandrów  from Poland and Allo Public Library from Spain.

Remember you can check all the libraries participating here and the sisterships made so far here.

Summary of news on Sister Libraries Programme

Last week in the NAPLE Sister Libraries Blog we had the announcement of the 21st sistership, this time between Kuusamo City Library (Finland) and Tavernes Municipal Library (Spain).

Remember you can check all the libraries participating here and the sisterships made so far here.

Congratulations to both libraries!

Programme: Europeana Conference/VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas

The provisional programme for the Europeana Conference/VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas is already available here. More speakers will be added as they are confirmed.

The Conference, as published recently, will take place in Burgos on 9, 10 and 11 October 2012.