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Europeana Conference / VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas: Deadline for submission of videos extended

Dear colleagues

As you may know, the Europeana Conference / VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas offers the possibility of presenting videos that will be exhibited during the Conference days and uploaded at the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport Youtube channel.

The deadline for submission of videos has been extended to 1st of September.

You can check the complete information about the call for videos here.

Contact address: congreso.publicas@mecd.es

Polish Cultural Events: 2010 Overview

The National Library organized numerous cultural events in the past year. The most noteworthy of the events organized by the National Library last year was the exhibition Chopin´s Visiting Card, which displayed the world’s largest collection of Chopin´s musical manuscripts housed in the archive of the Polish National Library. The exhibition, unveiled on September 24, 2010 by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Bogdan Zdrojewski, became an important event marking the Frédéric-Chopin Year established by the Polish Parliament. Next to the rarely shown manuscripts (including 73 music pieces), Chopin’s letters from the National Library collection were also presented. The display cases were accompanied by interactive applications accessed through touch screens and headsets, allowing visitors to explore the sights and sounds of the exhibition. The exhibit coincided with the XVI International Chopin Piano Competition and was graced with a visit from the members of the competition’s jury. www.wizytowkachopina.pl

 Another notable public event was the congress entitled “Republic of Book” put on by the National Library with the collaboration of the Ministries for Culture and Education and the office of the Prime Minister as well as numerous media and private and public institutions. The congress proclaimed a coalition for reading and libraries, acting with the motto “Reading includes…” The coalition will support the cultural competence of people and their skills for active participation in the development of their social environment.

Tomasz Makowski

Director General of the National Library of Poland

Video: Spanish Libraries

Would you like to see what Spanish libraries are like? Here you can watch the video that was presented in the 4th Leipzig German Congress of Libraries and Information that took place in Leipzig in March 2010, where Spain was the guest country.

The video is available at  the Spanish Ministry of Culture Youtube Channel and also in Travesía, from which we informed in a former post.

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Culture

Rolex Learning Center

Rolex Learning Center. The Rolex Learning Center is not a “public library” in our sense, the philosophy behind (in the video clip – statements by the architects) could be a model for all kind of an “open”, multifunctional, modern library (transferable also on smaller public libraries).

The press releases for the inauguration last year you’ll find, also in english and spanish, under: http://www.rolexlearningcenter.ch/downloads

And finally a lot of pictures under the following link:
Pictures of Rolex Learning Center

Remarks:  here comes the link to the Swiss electronic library ( with actually about 20 sub-projects, some of them also with interest/utility for the public libraries and there users). http://www.e-lib.ch/

Peter Wille
Director of Bibliomedia Schweitz

Library laws and the Social order and the essential funding II

Secondly: the Social order and the essential funding

The social order for the libraries is issued – but the challenges to meet him are rapidly increasing.

Public libraries are to offer their clients not only different media. They should provide reading areas and computer workstations. Special programs for early childhood language development make children strong word. For adults, there are regular readings and a broad range of trainings.

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