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Europeana Conference / VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas: Deadline for submission of videos extended

Dear colleagues

As you may know, the Europeana Conference / VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas offers the possibility of presenting videos that will be exhibited during the Conference days and uploaded at the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport Youtube channel.

The deadline for submission of videos has been extended to 1st of September.

You can check the complete information about the call for videos here.

Contact address: congreso.publicas@mecd.es

Programme: Europeana Conference/VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas

The provisional programme for the Europeana Conference/VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas is already available here. More speakers will be added as they are confirmed.

The Conference, as published recently, will take place in Burgos on 9, 10 and 11 October 2012.

Europeana Conference/VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas

The registration for the Europeana Conference/ VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas to be held in Burgos, Spain, next 9th, 10th and 11th October is now open here

As we published some time ago in this post, the Directorate General for Fine Arts and Cultural Assets, Archives and Libraries of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, through the Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination, is organising the Europeana Conference / VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas (6th Spanish Public Libraries Congress), which will take place in Burgos (Spain) on 9, 10 and 11 October 2012 under the theme Public Libraries: Individual Memory, Global Heritage. This year the Conference will be a joint event with Europeana.

 The website for the conference is: http://en.www.mcu.es/bibliotecas/MC/2012/CongresoBP/index.html

 A draft programme will be published soon here, meanwhile here you can check the major topics that will be addressed. This year there is also a call for videos, now open for participation:

Contact address: congreso.publicas@mecd.es

6th National Congress of Public Libraries

It is a pleasure to announce that the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, through its Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination, will be celebrating its 6th National Congress of Public Libraries in Burgos, Spain, next 9, 10 and 11 October 2012, under the theme: Public Libraries: individual memory, global heritage.

This will also be an Europeana event, which will include speakers from Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. The Congress is also organised in collaboration with the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León and the Municipality of Burgos.

The sessions will be related to the following themes:

The impact of the digital in library services:

  • Online services.
  • Changes in the model of loans.
  • Changes in the model of information search.
  • Changes in the collection management: e-books and other digital resources.
  • Copyright and digital contents –creation, access and dissemination-.

 Libraries and their communities in the digital era:

  • People’s engagement/involvement.
  • Virtual space vs. Physical space.
  • Library services for different population groups and professional sectors.
  • The value of libraries to impulse social inclusion and local economical development.
  • The participation of the people in the creation of digital content, and the role of libraries as drivers of these projects to give them global reach.
  • The contribution of the people to the enrichment of digital contents: social tagging, social networks, etc.
  • The library as content aggregator.
  • Libraries and their support to the interest in local and family history and cultural tourism.
  • Reusing the library contents as an essential value of libraries.

Cooperation with archives, museums, audiovisual institutions and other organisations in digital projects

  •  Preservation of contents from the local sphere in the digital sphere, preservation of the oral tradition, intangible heritage, etc.
  • Preservation of current contents to access them in the future.
  • Creation of digital contents in different media: audio, text, image, 3-dimensional objects, etc.
  • Initiatives of libraries for the digital dissemination and preservation of the cultural movements of its municipality.
  • Projects that give a common access to library, archives, museum and audiovisual resources.

The opening of the registration period will be announced soon.

More information can be found -currently only in Spanish-here:

Updates will follow.

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

2nd International Congress “Young People of Today in the Modern Library”

The 2nd International Congress took place at the Russian State Library for Young Adults in October 2011. It has gathered more than 200 participants from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden. The participants have discussed actual problems of library service and effective ways to improve young people’s attention to library as a centre of intellectual and personal development. Besides traditional report sessions, polemic and thematic meetings, there were less formal, memorable events at the Congress.

One of them was the presentation of the international relay project “Book Dragon”. This idea was provided last year when employees of the Russian State Library for Young Adults visited Stockholm public library PUNKTMedis. There they saw a funny “Book Worm” which was 14 meters long and was knitted by the library visitors.

Here he is himself, 20 meters long and amorously created by the library staff and the members of the Needlework Club “Palette”.

Another informal event of the Congress was the on-line meeting with our colleagues from the Sello Library, which is situated in a huge shopping centre in Espoo, Finland.

The topic for the meeting was: young adults as an object of special attention. The participants of the Congress and their Finnish colleagues were trying to create an “ideal model” of the library for young adults. Both of them were presenting their libraries and sharing the experience of working with young adults.

All the participants admitted that this on-line meeting was successful and very useful for everyone and it would be excellent to organize these less formal events in future for learning more about each other and exchanging working experience.

Maria Evseeva
International Relations Department
Russian State Library for Young Adults 

Video: Spanish Libraries

Would you like to see what Spanish libraries are like? Here you can watch the video that was presented in the 4th Leipzig German Congress of Libraries and Information that took place in Leipzig in March 2010, where Spain was the guest country.

The video is available at  the Spanish Ministry of Culture Youtube Channel and also in Travesía, from which we informed in a former post.

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Culture

Maneras de leer: Meeting of Best Practices on Reading

Next 20th and 21th September, the Congress “Maneras de Leer- Ways of reading” will be held in Madrid, organized by both the Education and Culture Ministries. The main topic of the congress will be to disseminate different experiences of reading in libraries and education centres.

During the congress, there will be reading experiences in volving diverse section of population: youth, senior, men, women, multicultural populations and broad population. Overmore, other experiences reading in different media (radio, TV, Internet) and in different fields (libraries, schools, hospitals and prisons) will be introduced by the speakers. The attendants are teachers, librarians and book and reading professionals. In short, the meeting will promote the interchange of opinions and knowledge about reading.

For more information:

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination 
Ministry of Culture

Czech E-conference on E-books

Czech libraries are facing to the problem of lending e-books and e-readers. The current main challenge is licensing and connected legal issues. The new e-conference EKNIHY (i.e. EBOOKS), was launched in June. Detailed information and application form can be found on the address:


The language of the conference is Czech.

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

NAPLE Assembly Minutes 2011

Dear friends,

You can find the Minutes of NAPLE Assembly of Sevilla in this link:

NAPLE Secretariat

EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference 2011

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of May 2011 and under the name FESABID 2011, the 12th Spanish Documentation Conference together with the EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference 2011 (held in Spain for the first time) and the 16th Library Conference of Andalusia took place in Malaga.

You can find the program in this link: