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Library service for helping mothers in Ghana

Libraries’ adaptation to their user’s needs lead to good practices. The Northern Regional Library in Tamale, Ghana, has developed the Technology for Maternal Health project through the EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme. In a region (Northern Ghana) where maternal mortality is high, they’ve come up with a way for distributing reliable health information to mothers, as well as connecting them to midwives: through messages sent periodically to their mobile phones.

 You can learn more about the project here

Five public library services improve farmers’ lives

Public libraries are effective rural economic development partners, according to newly-released impact assessment results of five innovative public library services.

The results, released by EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP), reflect outcomes of successful implementation of four public library agricultural services in Europe and one in Latin America.

The public libraries train farmers to use computers and the internet, and reach farmers with vital  agricultural information through diverse online channels – web-portals, webinars, social media, mobile phones – and through more traditional channels like radio, TV, lectures and events.  Impact assessment, conducted over a one-year period (2011 – 2012), shows how the libraries helped farmers modernize their farming methods; fill in complex forms needed to access European Union and government grants; try alternative farming techniques, and access new market opportunities for their produce

To read more about these innovative public libraries, click the links below:

Jean Fairbairn
EIFL-PLIP Communications