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Spain: Training Programme for Library Professionals from Ibero-America 2011

From last 17 October to 11 November this Subdirectorate of Libraries Coordination held the activities for Ibero-American librarians it had included in the Training Programme for Ibero-American Professionals of the Cultural Sector 2011. This Subdirectorate participates each year, in this Training Programme, called by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, from 1998.

2011 Participants and the Subdirectorate Team

2011 Participants and the Subdirectorate Team

 In every edition, different training stays in public and academic  Spanish libraries, a month long, are organised. The aim of these stays is for the professionals to become acquainted with the working and organisation of their destination’s institution in general, and more specifically with those aspects of their interest so that, when they go back to their countries they can apply this to some innovation or new project at their libraries.  A course is also organised on site in Spain, every year it deals with different technical, organising, skills and services aspects related t the theme chosen in each occasion.

 This year, the 15th edition of this programme –in 1999 two of them were held- the theme has been Digital Libraries. The contents have included: planning for a project of digital library, process of creating digital collections, selection criteria, technical aspects and treatment of digital objects, standards and digital policies application, legal aspects, and digital information search, retrieval and conservation systems. The programme has included a stay in the region of Galicia as well as the visit from Madrid to other Spanish towns to visit different libraries and highlighted virtual library projects.

This year's logo of the course

 The stays  were also held during this time: 4 inpublic libraries and 2 in academic libraries. The stays regarding the theme Management of Public Libraries were held in the State Public Library of Salamanca, in the Library of Andalucía, in the Library Service of the Diputaciò de Barcelona and in the  State Public Library of Murcia.  The stays on Managament of Academic Libraries were held in Academic Library of the Complutense University and in the Bibliographic and Documental Service from the University ofAlicante, which have been collaborating with great interest in this Training Programme for several years.

 From 1998 until now, more than 270 Ibero-American library professional have participated in this programme and its multiplying effect has been proved with the launching of projects  about which several reposts have been sent to this Subdirectorate.

First course, 1998 brochure

The objective of these activities, besides contributing to the training of library professionals, is also for Ibero-American professionals to know other professionals from Ibero-American countries. It is a consolidated programme of this Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination, which is intended to be repeated in the coming years, renewing and updating its contents and projects.

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Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Culture

Rock ‘n’ Roll bibliotekininkas

Lithuanian blog about librarian“Rock ‘n’ Roll bibliotekininkas” (Rock’n’Roll Librarian – http://bukbibliotekininku.blogspot.com/) was created two years ago by a group of staff members and graduates of Institute of Library and Information Science (ILIS), Vilnius University .

It is meant for a wide professional audience – from students to experienced professionals and academics – and aims to forster rather informal professional discussions, share ideas and work experience as well as present interesting news from Lithuanian and foreign libraries. ‘Rock’n’Roll’ here is used as a metaphor to signify dynamism and innovativeness of the profession and breath-taking whirls done by library practitioners today. It’s, of course, in Lithuanian, but many posts have emerged from foreign sources with links provided. Content is divided into the following sections that emerged through : The Librarian’s career; LIS professors’ advice; World librarian’s notes; Copy-paste: citations on libraries and librarians; Librarian 2.0; Why LIS is worth of studying?; Super-Librarian,The state-of-art libraries. 

Ramune Petuchovaite 
Senior Specialist, Ministry of Culture 


The portal Information Science and Librarianship

The Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship of the Charles university in Prague introduced the wikiportal focused on the articles about information science and librarianship in the Czech Wikipedia. The portal Information Science and Librarianship is available in Czech on: http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portál:Informační_věda_a_knihovnictví

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic