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Latest news from the Sister Libraries Blog

This week at Sister Libraries, take a look at The Employment Information Service at Ljubljana City Library (Slovenia).

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The NMC Horizon Report 2014. Library Edition

The NMC Horizon Reports were born in 2002, aimed to “serve the higher education, K-12, and museum communities across the globe in their desire to understand the impact of emerging technologies on their chosen field or discipline”.

This year, in a special session at the 80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly the NMC Horizon Report > Library Edition which, for the first year, “delves into the realm of academic and research libraries in a global context”, was presented.

“The research behind this report is a collaboration between the New Media Consortium (NMC), the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Chur, the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), Hannover, and ETH-Bibliothek Zurich”.

 You can access the full text through this link 


80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly

Last Thursday 21 August, the closing session of the 80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly took place at Lyon.

 If you couldn`t attend the Conference, you can still visit their web page, where they’ve been publishing different articles, reports and interviews.

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Danish Model Programme for Public Libraries

The Model Programme for Public Libraries is an ambitious project launched and funded by the Danish Agency for Culture and Realdania. It offers “an interactive, web-based inspiration catalogue and tools that are to communicate new knowledge, best practices and inspiration for brand new space/function interplay for library developers”

From the beginning in October 2012 the program contemplated a dialogue with its end users (library managers and developers) through 2 Conferences and was tested in “local change projects” who enthusiastically participated in a tailor-made design workshop.

You can visit their web page for further information:

Or contact Tone Lunden, member of the Steering Committee for the Programme:

IFLA e-Lending Background Paper

IFLA has published a very interesting paper drawing an updated state of worldwide library e-Book lending. You’ll find useful information about the different e-Book licence and purchase models in libraries worldwide, library advocacy initiatives such us the EBLIDA Right to e-Read Campaign or the ReadersFirst Initiative and so on.

 You can read and download  the full text through this link

National Forum on Libraries & Teens. 2014 Report

The ALA’s National Forum on Libraries & Teens is “a year-long grant funded effort that will bring together key stakeholders from the areas of libraries, education, technology, adolescent development and the for-profit and non-profit sectors to explore the world of young adults and library services to this population, and ultimately produce a report which will provide direction on how libraries need to adapt and potentially change to better meet the needs of 21st century teens”.

You can find the 2014 final report through this page


NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (XVII)

Today, you can read the presentation from Sweden at the NAPLE Assembly 2014. Anna Lundén talked about coordination, the Swedish library landscape, the National Library of Sweden (KB) and their strategic objectives for the public library service.

 Country update Sweden

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (XVI)

Today, you can read the Annual Report of the Sister Libraries Program, with updated figures of libraries participating and number of sisterships, along with information about the most succesful activities developed by the sisters.

NAPLE Sister Libraries. Annual Report 2013-14

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (XV)

Today, you can see the presentation of Greece at the NAPLE Assembly. Greece has recently joined the NAPLE Forum and through its representative, Afroditi Fragkou, is now a member of the Board.

Greek Public Libraries