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Memes at libraries

The web offers libraries new ways of communicating with their users. This poster presented at 2013 IFLA Conference shows how libraries can use memes to promote their collections and services. The use of memes at the Rizal Library (Philippines) is only part of a whole strategy of social media but probably the most successful.

You can check the poster through this link:  http://karrylsagun.wix.com/ifla2013whatitmemes

Librarians Make #biblioteca Trending Topic Worlwide On Twitter

Librarians from all over the world got the hashtag #biblioteca to be trending topic worldwide on Twitter last 12 August 2013. Read here the timeline of #biblioteca.

This was the 5th edition of the so called “Día de la #biblioteca en Twitter” (Libraries Day on Twitter) which was first celebrated in 2009, after Spanish librarian Natalia Arroyo wondered how many tweets it would take for a hashtag to become a trending topic.

After that a group of Spanish and Spanish-speaking librarians active on Twitter decided to try to make #biblioteca trending topic at 16.00 on that 10 August 2009. Since then, four other editions have followed, each time with more and more participation but this has been the first year where #biblioteca has become a trending topic worldwide.

At 11.47 Central European Time on 12th August 2013, #biblioteca became a trending topic in Spain for the first time of the day. The highest activity has been registered, as foreseen, at 16.00. During the whole day, there have been a total of 30,913 tweets with #biblioteca. Find more data here and here.



Julián Marquina

ENISA’s report on Cloud Computing

ENISA -the European Network and InformationSecurityAgency- is “the EU’s response to the cyber security issues of the European Union. As such, it is the ‘pace-setter’ for Information Security in Europe, and a centre of expertise”.

They have recently published a report in which they study cloud computing from a Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) perspective, based on a survey of public sources on uptake of cloud computing and large cyber attacks and disruptions of cloud computing services.

You can access this report through this link.