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NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (XII)

Today, we publish the last of the presentations at the NAPLE’s Annual Assembly: Gérard Cohen talks about the last measures took by France for encouraging the introduction of e-books in libraries.

France’s update

NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (XI)

Presentation from Czech Republic about their legislation on libraries at NAPLE’s Annual Assembly.

Czechia legislation

NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (X)

Presentation from Lithuania at NAPLE’s Annual Assembly.

 Lithuanian Libraries

NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (IX)

Presentation from Finland at NAPLE’s Annual Assembly.

Ebooks for Finnish Public libraries


NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (VIII)

Today, the presentation from Switzerland at NAPLE’s Annual Assembly.

E-books (and other digital media) in Swiss public libraries


NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (VII)

Today, the presentation from Flanders at  NAPLE’s Annual Assembly.

New library legislation

NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (VI)

Latvia’s presentation at  NAPLE’s Annual Assembly. This time, it’s a video titled “Libraries for Communities (2012)” and was presented by Liga Masena.

Libraries for Communities (2012)

NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (V)

Today, the presentation of Eiríkur Thorláksson, from the Ministry of Education,  Science and Culture of Iceland, at  NAPLE’s Annual Assembly.

Library Laws in Iceland Recent Changes

NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (IV)

Fourth  presentation we publish from NAPLE’s Annual Assembly. Today, Perspectives from Denmark, by Tine Vind, Head of Division for Libraries, Danish Agency for Culture.

Perspectives from Denmark

NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (III)

Third presentation we publish from NAPLE’s Annual Assembly. Today, it’s about German Public Libraries and e-books. Its authors, Barbara Schleihagen and Miriam Schriefers, from the German Library Association.

E-Books in German Public Libraries