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Happy Holidays from NAPLE!

From the NAPLE blog we want to thank you for following us and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We’ll be continuing posting about public libraries, disseminating news and resources that might be helpful for the library community. See you next year!

Summary of news on the Sister Libraries Blog

This week in Sister Libraries, we have published a new brochure for the Program

Get more information at Sister Libraries

European Heritage Label Logo

The European Commission has launched a campaign for everybody who wants to participate voting the new logo of the European Heritage Label. This project aims to highlight icons of the European Union, places, monuments, landscapes etc. that symbolizes the building of the EU or the European History. Click here for more information about the Label, and the rules and prizes.

Supportive library: the Biblioteca Quitapesares project

The Murcia Regional Library @brmu has launched a food collection campaign along with two organizations: Cáritas and the Red Cross. In this cooperation project, the library will dismiss the fine for the delays in bringing back materials of the library if the user has provided food to the food banks of these organizations

The campaign is called Biblioteca Quitapesares, something like “sorrows-remover Library” and it’s motto is: We remove your sorrows and you remove others’s

It’s being a successful initiative: not only libraries of the Murcia Library Network have joined in, but libraries in other regions like Jaén, Galicia and Valencia.

You can check all the details at their blog.

Public libraries – the go-to place for jobseekers

Job seeking through library services: A project of the EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP).

Frequently Asked E-book Questions from Public Librarians, THE OITP E-book Task Force (ALA)

The ALA’s OITP (Office of Information Technology Policy) works in developing information technology policies that helps libraries to access electronic information resources. They released a FAQ’s document in which they answer public librarian’s questions on E-books but you can find other very useful materials on the matter in its web site.

GLAM-WIKI: Wikimedia working with galleries, libraries, archives and museums to bring cultural content online

At the Europeana Conference / VI Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas, that took place last October in Burgos, Spain, Jonathan Purday talked about the GLAM, an innitiative of the Wikimedia Foundation. A project aimed to get a range of cultural institutions working together through what’s common to all of them: digital objects.

Take a look at the project, join it and share your digital objects with other cultural institutions.

Our Town Stories, a new web of Edinburgh Libraries

Our Town Stories is one of our newer websites tracing the history of Edinburgh through images, maps and stories from the libraries’ heritage collections. You can preview the site at

Our Town Stories covers the period 1700 to the present day.

Users can

• View images of Edinburgh through a map interface
• Discover how familiar places have changed through then and now images
• Read Stories of Edinburgh’s people, places and city life
• Explore historical maps tracing Edinburgh’s development since 1700

For the best experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari to view this website. At work Our Town Stories is best viewed on People’s Network PC’s or on Firefox (how well the site will display will depend on your version of Firefox)

We also made a commitment to deliver on information on Edinburgh’s Women of Achievement see link

Best wishes

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