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e-Book lending project in Central Bohemia

The Central Bohemian Research Library in Kladno (public library, regional library for Central Bohemia) launched a project of e-book lending. The project was prepared in cooperation with the portal The service is connected with the catalogue of and borrowing is free for registered users of the library. They also have to be registered by The number of borrowed books is limited on 2 titles, one book can be lent to more patrons simultaneously. E-books can be read on START 2/3 and applications for smart phones and tablets with operation system and system Android.

You can find here the press release (in czech)



NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (I)

Today, we start publishing the presentations from NAPLE Assembly 2014, held last May 13. The first ones were the countries’ updates, where members of NAPLE condensed in a few slides the latest advances in public libraries in their countries.

You can see the Agenda of the Assembly, along with the minutes, through the NAPLE web:

First presentation was from Czech Republic:

 The Central Portal of Czech Libraries

Czech Republic: “Family of Readers of the Year 2014”

The SKIP (Czech Librarian Association) announced a new competition for families to support reading and library use. The title “Family of Readers of the Year 2014” will be granted by libraries to the most active family among their patrons.


  • Family = mum, dad and child(ren),
  • all of them are registered readers in the library,
  • they attend library programs,
  • they borrow books at least once a month,
  • they reached the highest number of borrowed books during the past year.

Libraries are free to add additional criteria. Each library can esteem their “Family of Readers” on their local level. Winners can advanced on levels regional and then national.

Details (in Czech)

Libraries can use the database of educational programs launched by the Club of Libraries for children of the SKIP (Czech Librarian Association), in collaboration with (municipal) Jiří Mahen Library in Brno and the Centre of Children Reading. Program is supported by the Ministry of Culture via grant program VISK 2. Database is targeted to all libraries. Registration is required and the librarians can use, insert, share and take inspiration of programs. Database also gives evidence of frequented topics and serves to meet potential lectors or cooperative libraries etc. Programs are created under the licence

CC and in accordance with the Czech Authors Act.

Presentation (in Czech)

 Eva Bartůňková

Information Centre for Librarianship (Department Head), National Library of the Czech Republic

Potential of Libraries as Educational Centres. Research report

Eva Bartunkova, from The National Library of the Czech Republic, sends us a publication that we found very interesting for the community: Potenciál knihoven jako vzdělávacích center (Potential of Libraries as Educational Centres). We include here the text accompanying the e-mail as an introduction to the report and the report itself in .pdf and issuu:

The Concept of the Development of Libraries 2011-2015 assumes beyond other tasks, that public libraries should make natural community educational centres.

MasarykUniversity in Brno in cooperation with National Library and the professional association SKIP carried out a research of an educational potential of libraries as educational centres. The material published in Czech contains methodology and following topics: potential of libraries as educational centres, general need of civic education, how is public concerned in civic education and how librarians are interested in professional development.[dot]pdf

NAPLE’s Annual Assembly, 2013. Presentations (XI)

Presentation from Czech Republic about their legislation on libraries at NAPLE’s Annual Assembly.

Czechia legislation

New web site of the Czech Central Library Board

Check out the contents of Czech Central Library Board (Ústřední knihovnická rada) new website,

For example:

* The Concept for the development of libraries in the Czech Republic for

* Standpoints and documents of the Central Library Board

* Minutes

All documents are in Czech

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Volunteers in Libraries. Column from The Czech Librarianship Portal

The Czech Librarianship Portal (National Library) started a new column focused on volunteers in libraries. The topic is widely discussed by the Czech librarians. It is a part of the Library Development Framework in years 2011-2015. The column brings information about legislation, terminology, list of libraries that can share their experiences in cooperation with volunteers and recommendation of the Ministry of Culture concerning volunteers in libraries.

Materials are in Czech.

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Svět knihy (Book World)

Svět knihy (Book World) is the book fair that takes place annually in Prague. The photo shows a mobile library in ownership of the Municipal Library in Prague. This mobile library traditionally arrives to meet its (potential) patrons visiting the book fair. The offer was targeted on comics, in accordance with the big topic of this year book fair. Patrons could lend comics and / or return books. A poster on doors announced a birth of the Superlibrian presented by the amateur theatre group Vý (Výtržníci, the Troublemakers) during the book fair.

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Portal Kvalitaknih

Three e-book sellers (, Kosmas and Palmknihy) acting in Czechia started the portal “”. The portal is aimed to provide publishers with standards of producing quality e-books, but it is opened to all experts and professionals dealing with e-books, include librarians. The portal was introduced during the book fair Svět knihy (World of Books) held on the 17th -20th May in Prague.

The Portal is accessible on URL:

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Europeana Workshop in Prague

EUROPEANA Workshop took place on Thursday 10.5.12 in Prague in the National Library. The workshop was focused on activities of Czech institution on the field of digitization of European cultural heritage. Lecturers presented digital library of historical collections Manuscriptorium as an agregating service for Europeana, project (platform for presentation digitized museum objects) and the European project CARARE.

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic