Czech Republic: “Family of Readers of the Year 2014”

The SKIP (Czech Librarian Association) announced a new competition for families to support reading and library use. The title “Family of Readers of the Year 2014” will be granted by libraries to the most active family among their patrons.


  • Family = mum, dad and child(ren),
  • all of them are registered readers in the library,
  • they attend library programs,
  • they borrow books at least once a month,
  • they reached the highest number of borrowed books during the past year.

Libraries are free to add additional criteria. Each library can esteem their “Family of Readers” on their local level. Winners can advanced on levels regional and then national.

Details (in Czech)

Libraries can use the database of educational programs launched by the Club of Libraries for children of the SKIP (Czech Librarian Association), in collaboration with (municipal) Jiří Mahen Library in Brno and the Centre of Children Reading. Program is supported by the Ministry of Culture via grant program VISK 2. Database is targeted to all libraries. Registration is required and the librarians can use, insert, share and take inspiration of programs. Database also gives evidence of frequented topics and serves to meet potential lectors or cooperative libraries etc. Programs are created under the licence

CC and in accordance with the Czech Authors Act.

Presentation (in Czech)

 Eva Bartůňková

Information Centre for Librarianship (Department Head), National Library of the Czech Republic

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