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Memes at libraries

The web offers libraries new ways of communicating with their users. This poster presented at 2013 IFLA Conference shows how libraries can use memes to promote their collections and services. The use of memes at the Rizal Library (Philippines) is only part of a whole strategy of social media but probably the most successful.

You can check the poster through this link:

Rural and remote libraries in Northern Europe

Scandinavian Library Quarterly has released its latest issue, a monographic on Rural and remote libraries. You can read the full text through their web page: best practices and state-of-the-art in this area of northern Europe. In this issue you’ll find articles from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

SLQ was first published in 1968 and provides free access to the full texts since 2002. Each issue is dedicated to different aspects of public libraries: school libraries, life-long learning or library space are some of the latest topics.

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Latest news from the Sister Libraries Blog

This week at Sister Libraries, you’ll find the movie the Library Tielt-Winge from Belgium has filmed for promoting their library and the announcement of their sistership with the Ermua Municipal Library, from Spain.

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Spanish Library Day

Today Spain will be celebrating the Library Day, created in 1997 by  the  Spanish Association of Friends of Children and Young Adults Books with the sponsor of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. 

Each year a different Spanish region is selected to hold a celebration event, and an author and an illustrator from that region are selected to make the promotional poster. This year it has been celebrated in collaboration with the Castilla y León Government, and the illustration is from Andrés Rábago, El Roto, while the text of Laura Gallego.

The events will take place in Segovia, you can check the full programme here.

Poster Library Day

Read and let read

The Austrian Library Assotiation (Büchereiverband Österreichs., BVÖ) has uploaded a new video as part of their reading campaign titled Lesen und lesen lassen, Read and let read. This association is made up by 2600 libraries and offers them a wide range of services, from publishing to web page creation.

You can find more about them through this link: and check the video here

Latest news from the Sister Libraries Blog

This week at Sister Libraries, some pictures of the Summer Reading Festival of the Ljubljana City Library, Slovenia.

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Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative

 The Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative started in 2005 in the United States, aimed to “rethink of the way libraries conduct resource sharing in the context of the global internet”.  

 Library staff can complete the Checklist for evaluating the policies and processes that comprise the resource sharing service they provide. And they can also join the group and get involved in the project in different ways.

Visit them at

“Libraries Connect”, an innitiative from The Canadian Library Association

Public libraries hold a strategic position in societies. They are often the public service which has more branches spread throughout the cities; this fact makes them the perfect institution for programming activities involving large sectors of  population.

The Canadian Library Association has declared October as the Canadian Library Month, providing “an opportunity to celebrate libraries across Canada and the contribution they make to Canadian life”.  This year’s theme will be “Libraries Connect”, and will highlight the potencial of libraries to help people they serve to interact with other individuals and the resources the library offers.

For further information, read the press release or visit the web page they’ve created.

Latest news from the Sister Libraries Blog

This week at Sister Libraries, the pictures of the NAPLE Sister Libraries Day’s celebration at Municipal Library Český Těšín (Czech Republic) and the latest reading promotion activity of the Aveiro Municipal Library, Portugal.

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ALA is awarded with the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grant

 Changes are inherent to libraries: new technologies appear, bringing with them new needs from new costumers. The adaptation is constant in a world that has multiplied its possibilities exponentially and that is constantly evolving: semantic web, web 3.0 becoming web 4.0…

Libraries are often overpowered by all these new trends. Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program was created by the Institute of Museum and Library Services for trying to study these trends and provide tools for the professionals to understand this environment. This year’s grant has been awarded to the American Library Association.

you can read more about this through this link