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ALIA Report on e-books and e-lending in Australian public libraries

ALIA (the Australian Library and Information Association) launched in 2013 a report (based on a survey) studying the e-lending in Australian public libraries. The same survey was carried out in May 2014, and a month later they released its results: the ”Comparison of e-Books and e-Lending in Australian Public Libraries 2013 V 2014“, which you can see here:

In April 2014 they released the Elending Landscape Report 2014, which “identifies worldwide public library initiatives to secure ebooks for borrowers”. The report was prepared by Brussels-based Civic Agenda. We published a post about it a few months ago.

The Future of the Profession

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has published a discussion paper under the title The Future of the Profession, intended to provoke discussion across the sector on the matter. They have created a wiki for everyone who wants to participate to edit and change the paper (the Word document) and return it to

 You can check the wiki at this address: