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NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (XIV)

NAPLE is a member of Europeana. Rianne Brouwers, from the Netherlands Institute for Public Libraries and Dutch representative in NAPLE, gives a preentation about Europeana and its New strategic plan 2015-2020.

NAPLE & Europeana

 NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (XIII)

The Reading and Writting Foundation was invited to the NAPLE Assembly. They attended to all the contributions from NAPLE members and gave a presentation, opening the door to possible ways of cooperation in the future.

European Public Libraries

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (XII)

Today, you can see the presentation summarizing the meeting of the NAPLE e-Book Working Group celebrated last May 12th 2014 in Athens.

NAPLE e-Book Working Group

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (XI)

Today, you can read the Spanish presentation at NAPLE Assembly: the strategic lines related with public libraries and the projects carried out by the Spanish Subdirectorate of Library Coordination.

Spanish update. NAPLE 2014

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (X)

Today, you can read the Croatian presentation at NAPLE Assembly: among other information, you can read about the Croatian Library Council and its Strategy2013 – 2020.

Croatia. NAPLE 2014

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (IX)

Today, you can read Tine Vind’s presentation at NAPLE Assembly, where you’ll learn about Danish Public Libraries, the Danish Agency for Culture section Libraries and their strategy for 2014.

NAPLE 2014. Denmark

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (VIII)

Today, you can read Rianne Brouwers’ presentation at NAPLE Assembly 2014 about the strategy for public libraries at the Netherlands.

Netherlands Institute for Public Libraries (SIOB)

Report: “The library of the future, hub for knowledge, contact and culture”

How will the public library will look like in 2025?  The Netherlands Institute for Public Libraries (SIOB) tries to give an answer in this report published last January 2014.

Here you have a printable version:

The library of the future, hub for knowlegde, contact and culture.

And in this link you will find the full lay-out.


NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (VII)

Today, you can read the Portuguese presentation at NAPLE Assembly where you’ll find the objectives and strategies for public libraries in this country

Portuguese Strategy for Public Library Service

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (VI)

Today, you can read the Norwegian presentation at NAPLE Assembly, featuring the Norwegian Library Act and the National development program.

Norway update