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Lithuanian Public Libraries: Library Statistics and Related Issues

Martynas Mažvydas National library of Lithuania collects library statistics, which is in accordance with the ISO standard 2789: Information and Documentation – International Library statistics. Since 2007 annual statistical reports can be submitted and accessed through automated system LIBIS. Summarised library statistics in English is available at
Summarised library statistics

The need for library statistics review is recognized by library community and the Ministry of Culture. Although library annual reports provide extensive data, only the selected ‘main’ indicators are reflected through official statistics portal.  This does not provide the whole picture of public libraries’ multifunctional activities and programs. Library statistics shall also be tuned with the new statistical frameworks for culture developed by UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the one used by Eurostat.

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Library laws and the Social order and the essential funding II

Secondly: the Social order and the essential funding

The social order for the libraries is issued – but the challenges to meet him are rapidly increasing.

Public libraries are to offer their clients not only different media. They should provide reading areas and computer workstations. Special programs for early childhood language development make children strong word. For adults, there are regular readings and a broad range of trainings.

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