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Digitization at New York Public Library

New York Public Library, has recently made over 20,000 historical maps from its database free to access and created an entire website called Map Warper where users can access all the maps, but also “digitally align (“rectify”) historical maps from the NYPL’s collections to match today’s precise maps”.

This institution announced last November 2013 that they had digitized over a thousand videos in the Jerome Robbins Dance Division Moving Image Archive and created another web page where you can browse or search the collection.

Digital Heritage Conference 2013

IFLA has published this information at their web page; we’re publishing it for further dissemination:

UNESCO will provide patronage for an international event being organized in Marseille from the 28th of October to the 1st of November.

This conference is picking up the conversation started at the 2nd UNESCO International Conference on Memory of the World in the Digital Age in Vancouver. This initial conference resulted in the Vancouver Declaration. IFLA has been involved in the Memory of the World Conference and is now actively involved in implementing the roadmap of the Vancouver Declaration.

The call for participation is now online and we would very much encourage libraries worldwide to participate in this ongoing and important conversation.