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The State of the Libraries System in Romania by the Year 2011: Legislation

  • The general framework of the organisation and functioning of the national system of libraries, system made of 2 national libraries, public libraries, among which 42 county libraries, 51 municipal libraries, 204 city libraries, and 2.558 commune libraries, along with 56 anniversary libraries, 41 libraries belonging to the House of the Teachers Stuff, 277 school libraries and 37 specialised libraries, is regulated by the Library Act, passed in 2.002. There were not major modifications until last year, 2010, when anti-crisis measures for the public domain have been adopted, two of them with severe consequences:
    • The reduction with 25% of the budgetary administrative personnel, including librarians;
    • The cutback of the salaries with 25% in 2010, and with 10% in 2011.

These measures could not have been adopted without legislative modifications, among which the Library Act, which established the compulsiveness on the part of the local regional authorities to finance a librarian employee for 2.500 inhabitants in the rural area, and a librarian employee for 5.000-7.000 inhabitants in the urban area.  

The following are the negative consequences affecting the national system of libraries:

    • The dissolution of 178 public libraries in the rural area;
    • The restructuring of the working schedule in rural area, by two working days per week for 1.279 public libraries, the libraries being used in the administrative activity of the mayories;
    • The decrease of the professional potential of the whole national system, especially of the service of the public lecture, due to the personnel’s reduction.

The administration of Romania represents: communes (rural area): 2.686, of  10.139.000 inhabitants; 103 municipalities; 216 cities, included in 41 counties and the Bucharest municipality.

Envisaged Legislative Promulgations. In a near future, between 1 and 3 years, the following acts are about to be promulgated:

  • The first act is the Act of the Bucharest Metropolitan Area, which is envisaged to be adopted by the end of the year 2010. It has passed the first legislative chamber of the Romanian Parliament, namely the Deputy Chamber and it shall be discussed in the second chamber, the Senate.

Nowadays Bucharest municipality has 228 square Km, being divided in 6 administrative sectors, having each its own city hall. As a demographic structure, Bucharest city is the sixth in the European Union, with 2.001.192 inhabitants.

According to the new Act, the Bucharest metropolitan area shall have 2.800 square Km, and within 3 years shall grow to 3.800 square Km. In the first phase, 60 localities shall be included in the metropolitan area, with a population of 583.409 inhabitants, which together with Bucharest city shall amount to 2.584.601 inhabitants.

This act is going to have an important consequence upon the structure of the Metropolitan Library of Bucharest, and the 60 public libraries of the communes shall become branches of our institution. As a major consequence, the service of the public lecture shall be accordingly structured to serve the new regional organization.

  • The second envisaged act for the following 3 years is related to the administrative reform which envisages the establishing of 8 administrative euro-regions and, probably, the dissolution of the 41 extant counties. As a consequence of this projected dissolution, 32 county libraries shall certainly disappear.

General Director
Metropolitan Library of Bucharest

NAPLE Assembly Minutes 2011

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You can find the Minutes of NAPLE Assembly of Sevilla in this link:

NAPLE Secretariat

Lithuanian Public Libraries Encourage Citizens Go Volunteer!

Over 350 Lithuanian public libraries will take part European volunteering marathon, initiated by public agency ‘European information centre’ during the European Year of Voluteering 2011. Citizens are invited to libraries to help in everyday library activities – shelving books and periodicals, organizing events, assisting users in learning ICT skills. There are more specific requests from libraries, for example, one looks for a volunteer who may teach librarians computer design skills. It is anticipated that to the end of year participating libraries will attract over 3000 volunteers. This cooperation may grow into long-term partnership and strengthen foundation of civil society.

The Project ‘Libraries for Innovation’ (Bibliotekos pažangai) that is implemented by Martynas Mažvydas National library of Lithuania provides coordination and support to public libraries that became a hosts for volunteers. Here is the list of participating libraries:

More information available in Lithuanian at:

Ramune Petuchovaite 
Senior Specialist, Ministry of Culture 

EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference 2011

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of May 2011 and under the name FESABID 2011, the 12th Spanish Documentation Conference together with the EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference 2011 (held in Spain for the first time) and the 16th Library Conference of Andalusia took place in Malaga.

You can find the program in this link:

Library.i.e… “news from Irish Libraries”

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We want to introduce the Blog about news from Irish Libraries. The blog is divided in different sections: contact, jobs and careers, libraries, book clubs, calendar and link.

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Blog of Irish Libraries

The European Congress on E-Inclusion 2011

Logo CIVIC 2011

The European Congress on E-Inclusion 2011: ‘Transforming Access to Digital Europe in Public Libraries’ (ECEI11) will take place on the 6th and 7th of September at the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

More information:

NAPLE Secretariat

Rock ‘n’ Roll bibliotekininkas

Lithuanian blog about librarian“Rock ‘n’ Roll bibliotekininkas” (Rock’n’Roll Librarian – was created two years ago by a group of staff members and graduates of Institute of Library and Information Science (ILIS), Vilnius University .

It is meant for a wide professional audience – from students to experienced professionals and academics – and aims to forster rather informal professional discussions, share ideas and work experience as well as present interesting news from Lithuanian and foreign libraries. ‘Rock’n’Roll’ here is used as a metaphor to signify dynamism and innovativeness of the profession and breath-taking whirls done by library practitioners today. It’s, of course, in Lithuanian, but many posts have emerged from foreign sources with links provided. Content is divided into the following sections that emerged through : The Librarian’s career; LIS professors’ advice; World librarian’s notes; Copy-paste: citations on libraries and librarians; Librarian 2.0; Why LIS is worth of studying?; Super-Librarian,The state-of-art libraries. 

Ramune Petuchovaite 
Senior Specialist, Ministry of Culture 


Summer Library in Aqua Park

The City Library in Blansko (region of South Moravia) opened the Summer Library in Aqua Park. The library offers journals and newspapers, including regional titles plus paperbacks. The library wants to attract people who have no time for reading during the working days.

More information:
 Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Library Legislation in Ireland

Please find in the latest content in Irish public library legislation:

– One of the most relevant chapters in the Local Government Act, 2001 above which covers the public library service, our council and related matters. The act is a consolidated act for the  local government system in Ireland. The only amendments since have been to the representation on the Council and changing nomenclature.

– As for the  Public Lending Remuneration system that is place in Ireland,  please check both the 2007 Copyright and Related Rights Actand the Statutory Instrument SI of 2008 (Public Lending Remuneration Scheme) which commenced the act. Our council is charged with implementing the scheme and I am the Registrar. The roles of the local library authorities and that of our council are delineated therein. We made our first payments to rights holders in 2009.

Here is the link to our national policy document: Branching Out: Future Directions

Norma McDermott
Director of An Chomhairle Leabharlanna- The Library Council

The portal Information Science and Librarianship

The Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship of the Charles university in Prague introduced the wikiportal focused on the articles about information science and librarianship in the Czech Wikipedia. The portal Information Science and Librarianship is available in Czech on:ál:Informační_věda_a_knihovnictví

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic