News in the Czech Librarianship 2010-2011

Main Features

  • News ways of comunication
  • High quality Internet Resources
  • Users Expectations

The present day challenge, libraries have to face, is the change in communication. People group on the net. Facebook is the place where they seek information We cannot refer to a better quality of information in traditional library sources, because the quality of internet information is improving.

Google better than any library electronic tool meets the user expectation:

  • Get easily accessible information from one place, via distant access → OLD
  • By one click → NEW

User expects to get information ready for use by one click.

Minority question: Are we right to support the prefunctory behaviour?

Is it correct when libraries support this way of thinking? Anyway, users can do without libraries, not vice versa.

Nowadays up-to- date topics are:

  • Library facebooks
  • E-books
  • Digitizations

Facebook presentation is getting to be a must. Second Life (or other forms of virtual reality) is not so popular, but LIS department of the Masaryk University in Brno prepared a virtual university camp.


  • E-books business is emerging
  • Lack of rich content in Czech
  • Publishers are still reserved
  • Piracy

In Czechia, e-book is the emerging business. Czech is the minority language in the global world. For Czech publishers e-books are a risk. The present day Copyright Act needs amendment. Also pirates are quick and handy.

But several days ago the e-Reading Portal, the portal with a plentiful offer of e-books…

  • E-reading Portal
  • Important bookseller chain Neoluxor
  • Contract

… and the major bookseller chain Neoluxor made the contract. This can be the swallow that can make a rapid summer.

  • E-books in library services
  • How to lend e-books?
  • Legal questions:
    • Copyright
    • Publisher’s rights

Libraries prepare a new methodology how to use e-books in lending services. Experts from the National Library and the City Library inPragueare preparing such methodology in an ongoing project.


Digitalization projects:

  • National library, regional library (centres of administrative regions), universities and other research institutions.
  • Target: preservation and access

We go on with digitization. We – it means mainly National Library, regional libraries, universities, and other research institutions.

The Digital National Library:

  • Digitalization of the major part of bohemical production of the 19., 20. and 21 centuries.
  • Access – int the user friendly interface, from one place both free and licensed

Our major project today is the National Digital Library. The major part of bohemical production of the 19th, 20th and 21.centuries will be digitized. The digital collection shall be accessed in the user friendly interface and from one place, both free and licensed.

  • Trusted digital repository
  • National Digital Library Framework.Major pre-requisite for the success of the National Digital Library Project is another project – building the trusted digital repository.

Major pre-requisite for the success of the National Digital Library Project is another project – building the trusted digital repository.

  • Access to digitized documents
  • Copyright Act (121/2000 Sb)
  • Discussion on the new legislation

For access to digitized documents include the building of the trusted repository we need the amendment of the Copyright Act and Legal Deposit Act. This is an object of wide discussion – not so much with authors, but especially with publishers.

Joint project of National Library and Moravian Library-both libraries with the legal deposit right.

The National Digital Library is built in co-operation of two great libraries with the legal deposit right. National Library of theCzechRepublicand the Moravian Library.


  • VISK-the programme “Public Library and Information Services”
  • EU Structural Funds
  • Integrated Operational Programme “Electronisation of Public Administration”

Financial support comes from EU structural Funds and from the Ministry of Culture. Mainly from the national grant programme VISK and from the Integrated Operational Programme “Electronisation of Public Administration:

More information:
Eva Bartunkova

Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship

Czech Republic


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