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The Library Week

The Library Week is the nationwide promotional campaign organized by the SKIP. Traditionally the Library Week opens with the happening – an informal and amusing meeting prepared by librarians for themselves and for the public.
Program usually consists of masquerade, sketches and competitions. This year the happening took place in the town of Ostrava and the host was Ostrava City Library.
The Library Week itself is always celebrated the week following the happening.
Some nationwide festive events make traditionally part of the Library Week, among them the prices MARK 2011 and the Library of the Year. The MARK 2011 is intended for young librarians and students under 35. This humorously titled price (the specification of the acronym is in English “Young, Attractive and Sensible Librarian” or “Wise, Active and Thriving Librarian”) is awarded seriously for an uncommon benefit for librarianship. This year winner was Helena Selucká from the Jiří Mahen Library in Brno. Among her activities she is a member of the team managing the server Barrier free library, a tool for librarians to understand better the needs of handicapped patrons.

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic