OKNA, “About the Library Activities”

Competition OKNA

SKIP (Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic) and its Association of Children Libraries with financial support of Ministry of culture and the company Skanska prepared the new competition in librarians work with children. The organizers hope to make the new tradition.

The competition was named OKNA, an acronym for “About the Library Activities”. In Czech it is a pun as well, a substantive standing for “windows”. Competitors´ task is to demonstrate their programmes intended for children. Little patrons are this time present as partners in performance for adult audience and the jury. This year´s competition with the serial number 0 took place in the town Jičín (http://www.jicin.org/en), the scene of highly popular original fairy tales by the writer Václav Čtvrtek (1911-1976). The jubilee of this writer was the topic of the competition.

Photos from the competition:


Basic info about the writer Václav Čtvrtek:



http://www.svkhk.cz/Pro-knihovny/Zpravodaj-U-nas/Clanek.aspx?id=20110220, http://www.kdk.munovapaka.cz )

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