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XXII BOBCATSSS Congress. Call for participation

BOBCATSSS Congress is an International event organized by students from European universities. Next year’s edition will take place in Barcelona, from 29th to 31st January so it will be the students from the Faculty of Library Science from the University of Barcelona along with their colleagues from the SwedishSchool of Library and Information Science, University of Borås the ones responsible for 2014 edition.

The title of the Congress will be Library (r)evolution: promoting sustainable information practices. As explained at their web page, “over the last few decades there has been a growing awareness of environmental issues. Ensuring long-term sustainability is increasingly urgent for our societies and the need for sustainable development initiatives and knowledge is now greater than ever. The concept of sustainable development encompasses attention to environmental challenges and global social inequalities, while maintaining a sound global economy. This understanding also gives rise to numerous related challenges but also possibilities for current information practices.

This conference aims to place focus on the identification and discussion of such challenges and possibilities by inviting contributions that explore the relationships between concepts and practices in the library and information science field and the sustainable development area”.

There’s a web page where you can seek for further information

They’ve also created a web form for submitting comments and questions