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NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (VII)

Today, you can read the Portuguese presentation at NAPLE Assembly where you’ll find the objectives and strategies for public libraries in this country

Portuguese Strategy for Public Library Service

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (VI)

Today, you can read the Norwegian presentation at NAPLE Assembly, featuring the Norwegian Library Act and the National development program.

Norway update

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (V)

Today, you can read the Lithuanian presentation at NAPLE Assembly. Among other information, you’ll know about the LiBiToP research project, some library figures and the projects for the future of Lithuanian libraries.

Libraries in Lithuania 2013

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (IV)

Today, you can read the Latvian presentation at NAPLE Assembly. Among other information, you’ll know about the training program for librarians 2013 and the EU advocacy initiative, under Public Libraries 2020 programme.

Update from Latvia 2014

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (III)

Today, we will learn about the implementation of the Flemish Parliament Act of 6 July 2012 on Local Cultural Policy: it’s the Flemish update.

Flemish public libraries


NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (II)

Second presentation at the NAPLE Assembly was from Leena Aaltonen, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs of the Finnish Ministry of Culture.

Finnish Public Libraries in 2014

NAPLE Assembly 2014. Presentations (I)

Today, we start publishing the presentations from NAPLE Assembly 2014, held last May 13. The first ones were the countries’ updates, where members of NAPLE condensed in a few slides the latest advances in public libraries in their countries.

You can see the Agenda of the Assembly, along with the minutes, through the NAPLE web: http://naple.mcu.es/meetings/list?tid=594

First presentation was from Czech Republic:

 The Central Portal of Czech Libraries

NAPLE Assembly and e-Book Working Group Meeting 2014

Last May 13, 11th NAPLE Assembly was held. The day before, the NAPLE E-Book Working Group had a meeting where the e-book policies in European libraries were studied.

In the NAPLE E-Book Working Group meeting, some of the countries participating presented updates of their countries’ projects, Dan Mount (from Civic Agenda) introduced a research on e-book solutions for public libraries (a proposal from The Netherlands and Flanders towards the NAPLE E-book Working Group) and Marko Hercog, from Slovenia, proposed the creation of the re-BOOK platform, aiming to connect European library e-book lending projects.

 At the NAPLE Assembly and among other things, we held a fruitful discussion (conducted by Annette Kelly) on the strategic issues in public library policies throughout Europe. Maarten Vandekerckhove, coordinator of the Library Figures Collection Working Group presented the pilot project for the gathering of library statistics through an online survey on Google Drive and Ilona Kish, from the Reading and Writing Foundation, gave a presentation on the work of this Foundation and explored the possibilities of a future collaboration with NAPLE.

 In the next weeks, we’ll post every presentation of both meetings. You can find the Agendas for the two days, along with the Minutes from the NAPLE Assembly and all the presentations for both sessions in the NAPLE web, in the “Meetings” tab: http://naple.mcu.es/meetings/list