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The first Human Library in Moscow

The Human Library took place at the Russian State Library for Young Adults on 5th and 6th November 2011. The group of volunteers has taken the lead in this project in Moscow with the assistance of our library.

A Living Book is a person who is ready to share his life experience and to answer any question. This person has chosen to be a public representative of a certain group. In the “catalogue” one could find a feminist, a homeless, a Buddhist monk, a HIV positive, a chemist, etc. There were 35 Living Books in all. Everyone could become a “reader” of this unusual library. After getting to know with the rules, everyone could choose an interesting Living Book or a few from the “catalogue”. It was available to “read” it not more than 30 minutes and then you had to “return” the book to the “library”. If the book was not ordered by someone else, you were able to get a 30 minute extension. The “book” was allowed not to answer awkward questions or to close the conversation ahead of the time in case of insult.

More than 350 people have visited the Human Library during these two days. The most popular “books” were: “Homeless”, “Girl, who has adopted Islam”, “Transsexual”, “Traveller-loner” and “Mother from the same-sex family”. The least needed “book” was “Mother of many children”.

The youngest “reader” was 10, and the oldest – 80. But the majority of “readers” were students and young adults up to 30. There were more female than male among visitors (as it was expected according to the preliminary survey).

The organizers hope that the Human Library project has helped people to get rid of their wrong stereotypes and prejudices.

The first Human Library project was organized in Denmark in 2000. And than such events took place all over the world. Today more than 50 countries take part in this project.

Maria Evseeva
International Relations Department
Russian State Library for Young Adults

2nd International Congress “Young People of Today in the Modern Library”

The 2nd International Congress took place at the Russian State Library for Young Adults in October 2011. It has gathered more than 200 participants from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden. The participants have discussed actual problems of library service and effective ways to improve young people’s attention to library as a centre of intellectual and personal development. Besides traditional report sessions, polemic and thematic meetings, there were less formal, memorable events at the Congress.

One of them was the presentation of the international relay project “Book Dragon”. This idea was provided last year when employees of the Russian State Library for Young Adults visited Stockholm public library PUNKTMedis. There they saw a funny “Book Worm” which was 14 meters long and was knitted by the library visitors.

Here he is himself, 20 meters long and amorously created by the library staff and the members of the Needlework Club “Palette”.

Another informal event of the Congress was the on-line meeting with our colleagues from the Sello Library, which is situated in a huge shopping centre in Espoo, Finland.

The topic for the meeting was: young adults as an object of special attention. The participants of the Congress and their Finnish colleagues were trying to create an “ideal model” of the library for young adults. Both of them were presenting their libraries and sharing the experience of working with young adults.

All the participants admitted that this on-line meeting was successful and very useful for everyone and it would be excellent to organize these less formal events in future for learning more about each other and exchanging working experience.

Maria Evseeva
International Relations Department
Russian State Library for Young Adults 

EDGE International Public Libraries Conference 2012


Please join us in Edinburgh on 1st and 2nd March for EDGE 2012. Find out how we are building new library hubs! Finalists for UK Public Sector digital awards and winners of Libraries change Lives award for Prison work, Children in Care and youth work.

Hear fabulous speakers from Italy, New York and Chicago. Not to be missed!

I am sending you the link to the awards submission page http://edgeconference.co.uk and of course the bookings section http://edgeconference.co.uk/booking/ (all best viewed in Mozilla).

Liz McGettigan
Libraries and Information Services Manager
The City of Edinburgh Council

Winners María Moliner Awards 2011

Last 13th December María Moliner Awards were awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain. They are part from the Reading Promotion Plan developed by the General Direction of Books, Archives and Libraries and they are one of theirs actions with higher level of social impact.

These Awards are focused on municipalities with less than 50.000 inhabitants and they are, from 1998, a quiz for awarding the best projects or activities to promote reading in children and young adults. It takes places with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture of Spain, the FEMP (Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces) and, from 2002, the Coca-Cola Foundation in Spain.

María Moliner Awards grant 3 projects in 3 different categories: the first for municipalities with less than 5.000 inhabitants, the second for municipalities between 5.001 and 20.000 inhabitants and the third for municipalities between 20.001 and 50.000 inhabitants. This year, the winners are Tuéjar (Valencia), Pozoblanco (Córdoba) and Oleiros (A Coruña) respectively.

The 3 winners obtain a cash prize and a set of 200 books for children and young adults selected between new books of each year. Moreover, 300 projects are selected of the total number of applications received and they get another set of books each one.

You can check the award-winning full list in this direction: http://www.mcu.es/libro/MC/PFL/CampAnimacion/CampAnimacion.html

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Culture

Czech Republic: “I´m a reader!” Project

I am a reader! This is the title of a periodic project of the promotion of reading announced by the Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic (SKIP). The full title is: I Am a Reader –The Book for Abecedarians. Schools in cooperation with public libraries enter in this competition with the pupils attending the first classes of the primary schools. The competition starts in December; at that time children already have essential knowledge of reading. The library prepares at least one excursion and other rich programme in addition (common reading, exhibitions, writer-reader meetings etc.). The award for children after a successful passing through this programme is a book. The book is exceptional, because it is the original Czech novelty that cannot be bought in a bookshop for the next three years.

More information in Czech: http://www.skipcr.cz/akce-a-projekty/akce-skip/projekt-uz-jsem-ctenar-2013-knizka-pro-prvnacka, about this latest competition (1.12.2011-30.6.2013).

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Spain: Libraries Day

24th October is in Spain the day dedicated to libraries. The Spanish Ministry of Culture sponsors this initiative of the the Spanish Association of Friends of Children and Young Adults Books, which started back in 1997.

Each year a diferent Spanish region is selected to hold a celebration event, and an author and an illustrator from that region are selected to make the promotional poster. This year it has been celebrated in collaboration with the Basque Government.

Poster in Basque

Poster in Basque


Poster in Spanish

Poster in Spanish

This year’s poster authors are Elena Odriozola (illustrator) and Patxi Zubizarreta (writer). Both of them presented the poster at this year’s celebration.

Here you can see some of the posters from other years.

Our Friend Library (Kamarádka knihovna) 2010

It is a competition of children libraries. At the beginning children certify their library and these “school” reports make the major criterion: the declared satisfaction. Other criteria, e.g.: opening hours, WWW presentation, or percentage of registered readers among the children population in the community, are evaluated by the jury. For the first time the competition took place in 2007. The evaluation starts in autumn and the winner is announced in the end of school year the next year. The Friend Library 2010 is the City Library in Chrudim. The library was commended for the pleasant room, rich collection, and mainly for rich and superior offer of activities for children. Library collaborates with libraries in Poland and Slovakia. The competition is organized by the SKIP – Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Culture and the firm 3M.
Source: http://www.kamaradkaknihovna.cz/
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Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Interesting Activities: Čtení pomáhá (The Reading Is Helpful)

The reading is helpful is a campaign and promotion of reading together with a sort of moral education. Children read books nominated by a jury (taking account of an enquiry in public libraries) and choose the best book. List of books are prepared in three categories: junior classes of elementary school, senior classes of elementary school or junior classes of gymnasium (grammar school) and secondary school. Each child has to show an acquaintance with selected books in a quick test to get a valid vote. The correct answers are rewarded by credits as virtual money. Children offer their credits for any charity project instead of keeping them. On average about 10 million Kč is distributed. Champaignis a co-project of more organizations funded by the private-sector donator.

(Sources: http://skip.nkp.cz/Bulletin/Bull11_215.htm#ti )

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic