UNESCO’s Open Access Curricula for Researchers and Librarians

Last year, UNESCO launched their Medium-Term Strategy 2014-2021, setting the framework for UNESCO’s action in the areas of education, sciences, culture, communication and information for the next years.

One of the key objectives of the Strategy is “Building inclusive Knowledge Societies through information and communication”. In this line of work, they launched last December 2014 the Open Access Curricula for Researchers and Librarians “a set of manuals to facilitate capacity building of library and information professionals and researchers”.

 “The complete set of five OA modules for researchers and four OA modules for library schools is now available online and can be downloaded by clicking the following links” (source): 

Curriculum for Library Schools

Module 1: Introduction to Open Access

Module 2: Open Access Infrastructure

Module 3: Resource Optimization

Module 4: Interoperability and Retrieval

Curriculum for Researchers

Module 1: Scholarly Communications

Module 2: Concepts of Openness and Open Access

Module 3: Intellectual Property Rights

Module 4: Research Evaluation Metrics

Module 5: Sharing your Work in Open Access

Please, tell us what you think about it!

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