Networking using Google Hangout on Air: The Library Onconference

Next April 16 the Library OnConference 2015 will be taking place. It’s the second edition of this Conference that uses the Google Hangout on Air (HOA) and, therefore, is strictly virtual: HOA allows you to “host and broadcast live discussions and performances”. All you need is a Google+ account and a Youtube channel.

The OnConference is designed to be participative: there’s a keynote speaker that will open the session but, after that, participants will be gathered in different groups so they can discuss about different topics. Each group is moderated by an expert.

 The first Library OnConference was held last August 26, 2014. The keynote speaker was R. David Lankes, director of the Information Institute of Syracuse and author of “The Atlas of New Librarianship”. You can find his talk at the Lib OnCon Youtube channel.

 This year’s keynote has just been announced: Beck Tench, a North Carolina “simplifier, illustrator, storyteller, and technologist”.

We find this an excellent example of how we can take advantage on the online free technologies to replicate virtually what we’ve always done physically, in this case connect, share ideas and discuss with our peers. 

Learn more about the project, the keynote speaker, dates, etc. at their web:

Please, tell us what you think about it!

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