Website upgrade for the Model programme for Public Libraries

You’re probably familiar with the Danish Model Programme for Public Libraries; we’ve published some posts talking about this initiative, which we find really interesting, here and here

Launched in 2012, “the purpose of the Model Programme is to provide innovative suggestions as to how modern libraries can contribute to urban development, and how libraries’ physical settings can be developed in order to support the libraries’ new role in the best possible way” (source). 

They offer “a web-based inspiration catalogue and tools that are to communicate new knowledge, best practice and inspiration for brand new space/function interplay for library developers. This is done in a visually orientated format where brief texts are supported by photos, figures and principles outlined for design”.   

Now, they’ve launched the new version of their website, making it more attractive and offering more content: new descriptions of libraries with new photos, the News and Events Section, etc.

You can find them here:

Please, tell us what you think about it!

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