“The Future of Library Resource Discovery”: a white paper commissioned by NISO

Marshall Breeding is a well-known independent consultant, editor of the Library Technology Guides, an expert in the links between libraries and technology.

He has conducted a white paper commissioned by NISO’s Discovery to Delivery (D2D) Topic Committee. The topic Committees in ISO were created to explore the possibilities of standard developments in certain areas by consulting experts on these matters. The D2D Committee “focuses on issues regarding the finding and distribution of information by and to users, including OpenURL, Metasearch, interface design, web services, etc.”

This white paper, that goes under the title of “The Future of Library Resource Discovery”, was presented last 23th February.

The paper describes the State-of-the-Art of discovery services in libraries, giving a complete overview of the different tools and providers. It “addresses the broad topic of the methods and technologies available to libraries to make their resources discoverable and accessible by the communities that they serve”.

It also describes the discovery services specifically in public libraries and points out the “opportunities for future enhancements in discovery services”.

This study is freely available to download through this link.

Please, tell us what you think about it!

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