Innovation in Libraries: the Harvard Library Innovation Lab

Harvard Library Innovation Lab is a project within the Harvard Law School Library for “exploring the future of libraries”. They are working in different projects that are shared freely with the community through their web.

 It can be really simple stuff, like the Hovermarks (, “bookmarks that face the spine instead of the cover” so they can highlight certain books or the Awesome Box (, a space that allows users to recommend materials.

 It can also be applications like the Library Stack , a browsing tool that combines the physical description of the materials with the circulation information to offer a different, more visual way to browse the collection or Perma, that “helps authors and journals create permanent archived citations in their published work”.

 These are just a few examples of what these people are doing, but there’s more, and there’ll be much more in the future so keep an eye on them, they look fun!

Please, tell us what you think about it!

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