Public Library e-Lending Models

Offering new services in order to meet the expectations of their patrons has always been one of the challenges public libraries must deal with. The commercial e-book market is escalating and e-reading is becoming more and more popular, so it’s not strange that public libraries have studied the possibilities of offering e-books to their patrons.

Civic Agenda and the digital library organisations for The Netherlands ( and Flanders (Bibnet), along with professor Frank Huysmans with the financial support of Taalunie have carried out a study and  published a report (last 12th December) “benchmarking the performance of 18 public library e-lending models across 15 countries in Europe and North America” including Belgium/Flanders, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and Canada/Quebec.

 This new study “highlights that cooperation and collaboration between libraries and publishers represents a key ingredient for e-lending success – alongside the readiness of libraries to share their knowledge and experiences of e-lending with each other”.

 The study shows the different approaches at the different countries and aims to “deliver an e-lending model through which libraries can offer all e-book titles available to all interested patrons”.

You can read the full text here:  A Review of Public Library e-Lending Models


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