Libraries: their social and economic value

 The contribution of the libraries and the library services to society in social and economic terms is often unnoticed though it is, indeed, very important. Last week FESABID, the Spanish Federation of Societies of Archivist, Librarians, Documentalist and Museology presented the study “The Economic and Social Value of the Information Services: Libraries”. The results are a very complete guide of the use and value of libraries nowadays, based on complex user studies and interviews.

The study has been coordinated by FESABID and is part of the activities included in the Strategic Plan of the Council for Library Cooperation.

 The study is available at FESABID (in Spanish only) by clicking on the image. Or, you can download it from this link:


2 responses to “Libraries: their social and economic value

  1. Hi. Please can you email a link to the document? I am sure that it can be translated but the link you show takes us the general FESABID site and I can’t see the report on it. Thank you.

  2. We’ve updated the post, hope it’s easier to access the document now. Thanks for the feedback!

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