Lithuanian public libraries: preserving, creating, cooperating

In August prior to the World Library and Information Congress in Helsinki, Lithuanian port Klaipėda has hosted a satellite conference “Libraries in Networks: Creating, Participating, Co-operating“.  For this occasion a booklet “Lithuanian public libraries: preserving, creating, cooperating” in English has been produced and published online –

It was composed by the County Public Libraries Association in cooperation with Lithuanian Librarians’ Association in order to give a general picture of a public libraries network in Lithuania as well as to disclose  standout trends in three directions – preserving local cultural heritage and memory, creating content and community spaces, life experiences; and cooperating with various partners.

This publication is also the first ever attempt of Lithuanian public libraries to present themselves jointly to an international professional community.

It has some features of a guidebook as public libraries are presented by the regions after quite short general overview of the national library and the network.  Regional territories are served by 5 county (regional) public libraries that are state funded; other 60 public library systems are under municipal authorities.

Therefore every section starts with an introduction of regional county library and municipal public libraries, providing contacts and other necessary practical information. Then, as mentioned before, a summary of activities of public libraries is presented through three thematic strings: preserving, creating and cooperation. This provides a good glimpse of specific features, projects, collections, best practices and other peculiarities of library practice in the region, and, is hoped, will encourage an international contacts and cooperation.

Information prepared by
Ramunė Petuchovaitė
Chief specialist
Information Society Development Division
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Lithuania

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