Lithuanian public libraries‘ campaign “Safe and friendly Internet”

Lithuanian public libraries aiming to promote safe Internet use among library visitors and wider society in 2001 started a campaign “Safe and friendly Internet in libraries”. The campaigns program consisted of diverse actions that took place during the whole year.

Almost 1000 public libraries joined podcast seminars during the action “Safety month in libraries”. On Saturdays families were attracted to public libraries to take part into “Brain competitions on safe internet”.  During summer interactive library tent visited 16 small and medium size towns festivals, where in cooperation with local libraries staff and pulled forces of local volunteers organized various games, crosswords, competitions to demonstrate public library services and to promote safe use of Internet (photos). Live theatre performance on @tale “A cat and chanticleer” for the smallest and an augmented reality educational game, for any age were the highlights of library presence in the town festivals. The game was introduced in February last year at International Vilnius book fair, please look video.

Materials created during the campaign and experience gathered allowed to create two new educational instruments online – Safe internet test, suitable for under 18 and older –, to measure ones knowledge on safe and proper behavior online, as well as an online Safe internet encyclopedia to fill knowledge gaps – .  Though both are in Lithuanian, but an international public can have a glimpse on illustrations of encyclopedia – those are pictures were done by children during the various activities of the campaign.

The campaign was coordinated by “Libraries for Innovation” team, based at Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania.

Ramunė Petuchovaitė
Lietuvos Respublikos Kultūros Ministerija

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