EIFL Fourteen Innovative Library Services Launched

EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) is proud to announce the launch of fourteen new public library services that help meet their countries national development targets by serving local community development needs.The 14 libraries are working in the crucial areas of agriculture and health, supporting children and youth at risk and promoting employment.

The 14 services, in Africa, Europe and Latin America, received small grants from EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (PLIP) to use technology to extend and expand their services to meet community needs.

Over the past three months, the 14 libraries have been purchasing and installing computers and other technology; setting up Internet connections; marketing their services through local newspapers, radio and TV; recruiting and registering service users, and training librarians and staff of partner organizations to implement the services.

The new services tackle important community development challenges, including promoting health among the over 60s; building farmers’ capacity to apply for government subsidies and modernize farming methods; helping young people and the homeless find jobs; extending e-health services to remote communities and fighting TB.

The libraries are using cutting-edge technology, including computer hardware and software and mobile phones. They are also making good use social networking tools like Skype, facebook, twitter, mobile phone text messaging (SMS) and webinars.

The 14 new services replicate innovative library services implemented by previous EIFL-PLIP grantees. Read more about the 14 new services and EIFL-PLIP’s past grantees. EIFL-PLIP grants and awards for innovative public libraries are announced on EIFL-PLIP’s website, so watch this space!

Jean Fairbairn
EIFL-PLIP Communications

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