Winners María Moliner Awards 2011

Last 13th December María Moliner Awards were awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain. They are part from the Reading Promotion Plan developed by the General Direction of Books, Archives and Libraries and they are one of theirs actions with higher level of social impact.

These Awards are focused on municipalities with less than 50.000 inhabitants and they are, from 1998, a quiz for awarding the best projects or activities to promote reading in children and young adults. It takes places with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture of Spain, the FEMP (Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces) and, from 2002, the Coca-Cola Foundation in Spain.

María Moliner Awards grant 3 projects in 3 different categories: the first for municipalities with less than 5.000 inhabitants, the second for municipalities between 5.001 and 20.000 inhabitants and the third for municipalities between 20.001 and 50.000 inhabitants. This year, the winners are Tuéjar (Valencia), Pozoblanco (Córdoba) and Oleiros (A Coruña) respectively.

The 3 winners obtain a cash prize and a set of 200 books for children and young adults selected between new books of each year. Moreover, 300 projects are selected of the total number of applications received and they get another set of books each one.

You can check the award-winning full list in this direction:

Subdirectorate General for Libraries Coordination
Ministry of Culture


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