Cooperation in the National Library of Poland: 2010 Overview

As in previous years, the National Library was an active member of many international organizations: IFLA, CENL, CDNL, CERL, ASLIB, IAML, IASA, LIBER, AIB, ISSN, ISBN, ISMN, the the Bibliographical Society and Bibliotheca Baltica. Since 2008 the National Library has been a member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium and Innovative User Group. In 2009 the Chief Executive of the National Library, Tomasz Makowski, was appointed for the term of three years to the management board of the European Library Management Committee.

In 2010 the National Library took part in the international projects Europeana Travel and REDISCOVER and was involved in numerous national projects such as: EAZPP – Electronic Archive of the Monuments of Polish Literature, the previously mentioned ACADEMICA and SYNAT – System of Science and Technique.  

An important issue remained the bilateral cooperation with national libraries of neighbouring countries and the exchange of publications with libraries and institutions worldwide.  In June of 2011, the National Library and the State Library in Berlin signed a cooperation agreement concerning digitisation of their collections as well as collaboration in the field of the common cultural heritage of Poland and Germany.

Tomasz Makowski

Director General of the National Library of Poland


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