Polish Digitisation Programmes: 2010 Overview

In the last year the National Library of Poland continued to enhance its digital library cBN Polona, using its own resources and funds from numerous national and international projects.  Near the end of the year 2010, cBN Polona contained 27,677 digitised items. According to statistics provided by the program Werbalizer cBN Polona had 749,581 visitors in 2010.

The National Library also performed the role of National Competence Centre for the digitisation of library materials by organizing trainings, practices and consultations for librarians. In November 2010 the first Polish handbook for the digitisation of the cultural heritage was published by the National Library.

In January 2010 the National Library launched the implementation of the project ACADEMICA – Digital Library of Scientific Publications carried out in cooperation with the Scientific and Academic Network, which in 2009 was awarded a grant of 34,000,000 PLN by the EU’s Operational Programme – Innovative Economy. Thanks to the funds from ACADEMICA the National Library was able to buy three automatic book scanners and now has the best-equipped digitisation studio in Poland.

Tomasz Makowski

Director General of the National Library of Poland

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