Prague: E-books in All Libraries

The Municipal Library of Prague launched a project “E-Books in all libraries”.

The new service enables users to read e-versions of later Czech production. The objective of the project is to promote cooperation between libraries and commercial sector in an emerging e-book market.
According to the agreement, publishers offer e-copies of their books in preparation to facilitate digitization. Libraries guarantee the legal using. Libraries also offer statistics with interesting data for publishers (interest and use of titles).

Libraries are represented by one library, Municipal Library of Prague, in the workflow between publishers and libraries. At present, reading is limited: e-books are accessible just inside the library and on dedicated display terminals. Parts of documents can be printed, not stored.

The pathfinder partner on the publisher size is Academia, The Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
Included libraries are, apart from the Municipal Library of Prague, Academy of Sciences Library, National Library of the Czech Republic, National Technical Library and Moravian Library

Eva Bartunkova
Department Head of Information Centre for Librarianship
Czech Republic

Please, tell us what you think about it!

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