State Public Libraries in Spain: Ciudad Real

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Ciudad Real is a city of 75,000 inhabitants situated in the region of Castilla-La Mancha, approximately 200 Km south of Madrid. The State Public Library of Ciudad Real is one of the existing 52 State Public Libraries in Spain. It is managed by the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha. This means that the Ministry of Culture of Spain is responsible for the construction of the building and gives it equipment. The management and the funding of its daily working is a responsibility of the regional government. This library is also the head of the Ciudad Real province library system.

The new building, responding to the needs of a growing population, was opened in December 2010. The total building surface is 9,652.13 m2.

 It is opened from 9 to 21 Monday-Friday and from 9-14 on Saturday. The Children’s section is opened 15 to 21 Monday-Friday and from 9-14 on Saturday.

 Since its opening 90% of the loan operation have been carried out using the self-service system. The library is also participating in a pilot project the Ministry of Culture is organising on e-books. Therefore, the library is lending 45 e-readers. Each holds 1800 titles.

  The number of activities has also been increased a lot since the new building has much more space to hold them. These have included exhibitions, library conferences, meetings with authors, computer skills training, books presentations, talks, guided visits, children workshops, storytelling, reading clubs, cinema, etc. The new facilities also include a “bebeteca”, a special section for babies and toddlers.

 There were only 10 Internet access point in the old library, now there are 111. The library also offers an information services through netvibes with portals specialised in specific subjects.

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