Rock ‘n’ Roll bibliotekininkas

Lithuanian blog about librarian“Rock ‘n’ Roll bibliotekininkas” (Rock’n’Roll Librarian – was created two years ago by a group of staff members and graduates of Institute of Library and Information Science (ILIS), Vilnius University .

It is meant for a wide professional audience – from students to experienced professionals and academics – and aims to forster rather informal professional discussions, share ideas and work experience as well as present interesting news from Lithuanian and foreign libraries. ‘Rock’n’Roll’ here is used as a metaphor to signify dynamism and innovativeness of the profession and breath-taking whirls done by library practitioners today. It’s, of course, in Lithuanian, but many posts have emerged from foreign sources with links provided. Content is divided into the following sections that emerged through : The Librarian’s career; LIS professors’ advice; World librarian’s notes; Copy-paste: citations on libraries and librarians; Librarian 2.0; Why LIS is worth of studying?; Super-Librarian,The state-of-art libraries. 

Ramune Petuchovaite 
Senior Specialist, Ministry of Culture 



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