Lithuanian Public Libraries: Project “Libraries for innovation”

Project “Libraries for innovation” has been implemented since 2008.  Next year in June it shall be finnished. So Sustainability and advocacy issues are on the table.

More than 1200 public libraries, branches and subdivisions and around 2000 public librarians are participating the implementation of the project.  General description of the project might be accessed at

Selected achievements to date are as follows:

  • 90 percent public libraries in Lithuania provide free public access computers and internet services.
  • Over 2000 trained librarians are competent to help users, and more libraries are involved in training of users.
  • Over 41 000 citizens took part in e. skills training courses organized by libraries or other agencies through local libraries.
  • Initiative of library websites adaptation to handicapped and mobile users has started. 3 pilots finished in 2010. Plan for 2011 – 40 public libraries.
  • Users are attracted by libraries through public campaigns on internet resources and e-services, lectures and quizzes broadcasting via internet, for example, internet for your garden, safe use of internet
  • Senior citizens, as well as the disabled and other difficult to reach groups and general public more actively use public access internet facilities for job seeking, learning, e-services, communication and other activities.
  • Etc.

Preliminary on mid June, 2012 it is planned to organize an international high level conference on impact of public libraries.

Ramune Petuchovaite
Senior Specialist, Ministry of Culture

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